Go away and shut the fuck up! That is more than can be said about many digital musical instrument products. Oct 6, Messages: Oct 31, Messages: They do it partly because it is a buisness model of getting money from people for it more than the security at this point. I don’t mean simultaneously, I just mean without having to unplug and move the physical dongle around.

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Mar 21, Messages: What I’m trying to say is, we must accept the Dongle as a part of the Natural Order.

While I can appreciate this point, I will also say that for me this is gake worth it as I migrate workstations only every few years usually and I use my software everyday once installed. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.

Boom Virtual Instrument was “Unauthorized” during virtual instruments download. I am too weak to keep shaking. Send a private message to Sardi.

So yes, I agree, it’s a lot of “entitlement” and as a iook developer I feel the same way most days. Oct 10, Messages: Oct 6, Messages: I am glad I did it as I think they’re very good plugins.


Movie ‘Pirates’ Let Down by Lack of Screener Releases Around Christmas

Avid Virtual Instruments iLok authorization. Feb 11, Messages: Fuck burning churches, lets burn down schools and. If Kemper ever go software this would also happen. Send a private message to musicman No, create an account now.

As for the profiler: Well, here I am with iLok1 useless and two iLok2’s useless?!? Poor planning on your part. There is simply no excuse for using such an antiquated and totally non–customer friendly method to authorize and protect software at this point in time.

iLok2 DRM System Appears to Have Been Cracked – TorrentFreak

I’m sure they don’t pay the ilok company for messing up, why should we? I wonder what the companies that use the ilok to secure there software do when it has failed? But, the KPA is more than a big green Dongle – it is also a very eloquently designed human interface.

The way to prevent this is: Find all posts by danyg. So in their eyes, the Kemper is just a big green dongle for an Amp Sim Plugin, lol. Do cars require you to pay for locks separately?


But then again I read about musicians and how the Beatles stole gear and I think “hmmm” haha. I’m using this to have iLoks away from the main computer.

ilok 2 got cracked – Other Gear – Kemper Profiler Forum

Dan Ariely is an interesting scientist Duke professor of Ilko Economics who does studies on these things to see what exists and what assuages bad habits in humans. If it was only that easy: Does this essentially mean I could run it on one of my macs and then use the studio Mac or laptop etc at any point to access the ilok?

Find all posts by guatamas. Perhaps that’s why they can afford to constantly have very attractive sales – they’ve made their money in the way that was intended – without piracy getting in the way. Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members?