I was using Java 8, but I changed it to 7. You have two options to solve the problem. The database server can issue the following exceptions to the application server error log: Perhaps if the post is solved, it might make sense to update the title of the post to something more descriptive? IO Exception opening socket to server bs8. It was fixed in 1.

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Look for an application handle that has a lock-wait status, and then look for the ID of the agent holding lock to verify the ID of the agent. Failed to initialize the connection that uses the On operating systems such as AIX or Linux, change the class path for your source to point to the db2java. How to run only testcases with a specific tag, in This worked perfectly fine for me!

Failed to connect to the DataSource.

The db2profile script exists in the root directory of the DB2 user ID. This change can result in data integrity problems.

Data access problems for DB2 databases

Use the correct database name. If you make sure to validate the component managed alias, the connection is successful. During the injection of an EJB 3. Validate the component managed alias on the data source. A database operation was performed ddvr uses a different scope than the configured data source. This is less obvious when using non-English characters, as the real limit is reached prior to visual characters are displayed.


How to configure DB2 drivers in BW6 | TIBCO Community

This error can also occur if you are using DB2 Version 7. The following error occurs: Among the many possible causes are: First, verify that you have entered your user name and password correctly.


An invalid username or password was provided. Also if you consider whether the title of your post is relevant?

Data access problems for DB2 databases

If the services system is configured for proxy login, an administrator must conenction that the proxy credentials are correctly configured for IBM CMIS for Content Manager. Do not exceed the character limit. But when running the configure-repository.

If you specify your password on the GUI for the data source, ensure that the user name and password you specify on the bean are correct. The database name is incorrect.

Is that JAR in a viewable path with correct permissions? To resolve these problems: What worked for me: This is not an option if you want to use a one-off security mechanism, such as kerberos. The component managed alias on the data source is not valid. If your application attempts to access these locked records, a lock contention exception occurs in DB2.


When the JPA attempts to connect to the database for purposes of gathering metadata, the driver falls back to using the component managed alias that is set on the data source because the security context has not been configured.

Could not find the DB2Driver class running Spark app

Do not use a one-off security mechanism for database security. SQLLC” was not found. I tried everything you mentioned Verify that they are correct.