Both types of sensors are attached to motes flashed with software that repeatedly about once per second checks the value of the ADC; if it is above or below, depending on the sensor a certain threshold, a value of one is reported to the access point. Running dmsg I get the following: I am about to try and install it with hopes of getting my MSP kits to communicate with my Linux machines. A mote serving as an access point bridges the two. I installed CCS, but then had to get back to work, which didn’t include any stuff. Trademarks Privacy Policy Terms of Use. To lower the rate to , for instance , keep pressing ‘B’ for “previous” until the top line shows:

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Coding and compiling is possible.

This site uses cookies. There are forums where people using TI processors and parts like the MSP and the CC ask and answer questions; possibly worth searching through, when you have a very specific question or issue.

eZ430-RF2500 Group Page

In reply to aBUGSworstnightmare: On The Project We’re quite pleased with what we managed to accomplish in the time we had. Flip the jumper on the battery-powered sensor. I will try to post an update soon.


If the password is not entered correctly within X seconds given Y number of tries, the user will be deemed an intruder. From there, you can download such things as slaaa.

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The result binary image will be in the workspace. We fought for a long time to lnux out how to do relatively simple things, like read values from the ADC and send messages to another mote.

Posted June 17, at 1: If you don’t do this, the batteries will die! I am about to try and install it with hopes of getting my MSP kits to communicate with my Linux machines.

Using Code Composer Studio in Windows allows you to step through microcontroller programs; sweet! Stacking a block deviā€¦. If no designated sensor is within range, the system will expect the password to be entered within X number of seconds.

Is there any solution to allow this device to be recognised as offering a USB to serial interface?

msp | eZRF driver under Linux

The accelerometers are used primarily to detect a door opening while the motion detectors are more general-purpose ez430-fr2500 can monitor an entire room. Final Product Our final product, as partially demoed in class, is a proof-of-concept home security system.


From now on you should see messages over the serial connection: I have the ezf debugging utility; it is an msp chip on the end of a usb stick. Replace Current device path with: Trademarks Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Now the lab computers have windoze on them. MSP on Linux Hi, everyone.

MSP eZRF with Linux | Physics Forums

November 18th, This means that as the batteries powering the mote and linu accelerometer begin to die, the threshold for what constitutes motion needs to change. Due to the holidays, responses may be delayed. It is up to you to program the device with such messages. We miraculously got everything working within days of our final presentation; the timing could not have been better.

Requiring programmers to set obscure registers in order to do simple tasks is bad enough; expecting them to do it with no documentation is absurd. Running dmsg I get the following: