In the near future its my desire to also include Server Recovery Procedures for the other Servers which will need to be tested and refined by others. Too bad the MediaSmart community is mostly retired, too. This page requires Javascript. How does HP install software and gather data? This procedure may also work with other servers not manufactured by HP but I can only confirm that I have tested it many times to ensure it works including testing it without video assistance. The server should now reboot again, and when you login again to the OpenMediaVault web interface, drives in all four bays should now be recognized. Doing this a single time seems to apply it every time in the future, as my home server always boots from the USB drive now.

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Page 1 of 1. Recently I found there was confusion over the drivers and needed to assist a forum member who installed 64 bit vs 32 bit drivers. Mike, I sent you a Rapidshare link where you can download the files I used for this guide.

Once you see that area copy its entire contents to a safe location of your choice. A specific driver install for the WGT brought it to life file name: Should you need additional help please post your need for help in the forums and I will be more then happy to assist you further. With all drives removed from your server and also disconnect any USB Connected devices turn your server on.

HP MediaSmart Server (EX470, EX475) – Network Connection Issues

HP released the first MediaSmart server inand there was much interest at the time both for the compact yet innovative hardware and the embedded Windows Home Server operating system. While I never attempted to do this one person reported placing his system drive in another computer booting the computer and then he logged onto the system and installed the networ.


Hopefully this well-built little server can put in a few more years of active duty! Stephen, First off, thank e4x70 so much for your willingness to help.

Guide: How to resolve a failed LAN Port on your server —

Happily, a poster over at OpenMediaVault. Good Luck and if you need aditional help please let me know. Now my question — is there a way to determine from my info — including the neteork post — if the lan port is bad or if there is another hardware failure.

The drivers installed with the setup.

If you have not lost network connectivity and are installing this as added protection for a failed NIC then you can RDP to the server and install the drivers. Many thanks for your help.

Guide: Installed OpenMediaVault on my old HP EX470 Mediasmart Windows Home Server

As noted above, the internal Ethernet has serious problems. Previous topic Next topic. I originally had a blue flashing health light that I determined to be a failure of system files loading during start up.

I do have the Acronis image backup software though, so what are your thoughts on just using that to keep an image of the system drive and use that as a backup instead of the recovery discs, SMI files, re-installing the USB-LAn, etc.? More likely the router. Also its much easier if you have a video connection and its my understanding that the Gen 3 debug cables will work on your server. The driver CD seems to have older drivers 1. I had to do a recovery of my server as my LAN stopped working, once recovered not a full recovery I no longer had remote access.

The particular messages or alerts displayed depend on the vender. Looking at the back from the back — not sure if that is what you meant as far as your orientation the left light is solid amber and the right one is flashing yellow.


HP MediaSmart EX (GGAA) Server | eBay

Periodically all of my clients report that the network health is at risk through the Windows Home Server Console at some point or other during the day. I will send you netwkrk email once its setup if you like or if you want I can set you up with a temporary account on my server so you can download the files after which I would delete the account but it will get the files to you quicker.

Hi Peter, Send me a PM so I can arrange to get you a copy of the Setup Disk I have which contain older version of the drivers but they have been proven to work on my end. Sunday, March 2, 3: In the Netwwork and Sharing Center, make sure that Network discovery is on. I ordered the Sabrent adapter and received it today. If you had special configurations set in your router for your server you will need to correct the settings to reflect the new IP and MAC Address in the router.

Thank you for taking time es470 put together this post. I actually have 2 of these devices and each disc has a different version of the driver but rx470 versions work equally well. So for your situation I would opt to get a DEBUG cable so that you can get a video output and then you just connect a keyboard and mouse to the server and adding your new NIC Card will be a very simple process.