Once you’ve entered it, you’ll be using the “nano” text editor. Changing mouse button mappings on Evoluent Vertical mouse in Lucid. I also want button 9 the roller click to act like is the standard button 2 which is the middle click. I’m hoping it will also help reduce the strain to my wrists – it seems quite comfortable, the only thing is it is quite wide so I find I have to reach over more to move the mouse. A lifesaver for me. You are commenting using your WordPress. I have used the Evoluent Mouse since , now the Evoluent 4, and I was very happy with it.

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If restarting does not work, uninstall and reinstall the Evoluent software and restart the computer. Just copy and paste the highlighted code.

I am going to reference this as I tinker with my setup. My index finger is near worn out from linuz decades of clicking crappy mice. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

This is very important. Getting extra mouse buttons to work. Or change the wheel up action to be right click. Here’s the command you run:. The VM4R comes with a dedicated button for switching the speed of the mouse pointer.


I have not been able to find a consistent case one way or another. Also try a Linux Google evoluejt “7 button mouse”.

Back 8 Paste selected text 2 Lower thumb click unused… 10 In my case, the xinput command looks like this: I’ll show you a permanent way to re-order the buttons further down the page. Mute — mute the sound output. With this setup working in ubuntu Note for High Sierra This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Find More Posts by MamaWombat. I’m not sure what use I’ll put the other one to yet!

How can I get 3 buttons to work on my Evoluent mouse?

If your mouse is a later production unit, it will turn off. Scroll Wheel Clicking Scrolling with the wheel makes a really loud clicking sound. On VerticalMouse 3 rev 2, press the button on the bottom of the mouse until the light is blue.

After years working with the usual mouse, it is not easy to switch your hand the other way. Hi Boo, I just switched my Ubuntu If you wiggle the mouse, you should see the cursor on your screen move. The mouse surface must be completely flat for proper tracking. Sleep — put the computer on standby.


It sounds like dust or dirt is getting trapped in the wheel. The buttons are responsive, the wheel scrolls, changing the pointer speed works, etc.

Evoluent Mouse with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10

We can remap the buttons so they do something else. Mouse buttons any don’t work. A shareware driver at www.

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February 18, at If you’re happy with the buttons just as they are, you’ll be fine. Pointer speed lights flash on, off, and on again.