Thermal transfer, dpi , Color: Contact your IT Manager for more information. The Evolis Pebble 4 sets the benchmark with a stunning throughput of cards per hour in color and 1, cards per hour in monochrome, along with top-quality graphics. Technical notes as well as a quick start guide are also available on. Tattoo Rewrite card printer The printer for rewritable cards Tattoo RW is a ribbon-free printer that uses rewritable cards.

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Can I use a generic ribbon?

Which operating systems are supported by Pebble4? What are encoding options offered by Pebble?


The driver also broadcasts internal notification and information from the printer. Typically, the ribbon-equipped Evolis Pebble 4 Printer can create nearly cards a day, which is why this gadget is a tool for small business owners. Card printers Discover the full range of Evolis Card Printers.

Ink cannot be applied appropriately onto this area. Avansia card printer The premium retransfer printer for high definition cards Avansia is a Retransfer technology card printer for very high quality card delivery.

This power supply is not compatible with the other Evolis card printers. Very High Card Issuance mode: Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company. A firmware is a resident software, embedded in a flash memory on the main board and that operates as a layer between the hardware and the software.


Once everyone has ID badges and cards, the project manager can delegate tasks to specific individuals without making any errors. To develop your own application s and monitor all Evolis printers, a development kit is available for download, which provides you with all the tools, escape commands, DLL and code samples that you require.

Versatility Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs. This ribbon is useful and cost-effective if the color-printed area of your layout is no bigger than a logo or an ID picture.

Evolis Pebble

To support all requirements, from access control badges to payment cards, Pebble 4 can be fitted with multiple encoders for contact and contactless smart cards. During printing, if a card remains in the feeder or gets stuck in the middle of the printer, please check the following cwrd.

The ink can be evolks only once on each side of the card. It is mainly used to directly manage the resource and is provided by Evolis for exclusive use with its printers.

Your questions about Pebble 4 card printer | Evolis

This can be deployed during driver setup wizard or manually. The coercivity has to be set in the driver before any magnetic encoding is carried out. If you need a card evoliz that can help customers identify your employees, the Evolis Pebble ribbon printer is ideal. Pebble 4 quick operating guide.


This encoding offer is regularly updated to give you the latest innovations on the market.

Printing and magnetic data can be sent to the printer through the Evolis Ethernet port. Between and 5, Card security level: In a ecolis environment, employees are rewarded when they implement procedures to pirnter a high level of customer service.

What settings of the computer should I check before installing a driver? Thermal transfer, MagStripe, dpiColor: White lines on the printed cards mean that the print head is unable to heat the ribbon in this zone: I have a problem with eMedia.

Switching to a new PC, migration of the eMedia software environment How to activate the license key in your eMedia software Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers?

With the DCL driver, magnetic encoding requires no adjustment, except for the level of coercitivity. Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services. Please choose One by one: pebblle