I recently sold my X58 FTW on ebay. That is when I think the problems started. Forums Posts Latest Posts. I still have a window of time to return the board without cost so I may try the Asus in the hope that this issue will be resolved. Either 2 X ‘s or 3 X ‘s. Only way to fix is to reboot Windows. I used to use Creative sound cards e.

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I would say it depends on what sound system your using It might not be the latest. Please help, and thank you in advance!

Computer always seemed a bit screwy on boot with triple channel so hopefully the dual channel config will cure that also.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Before I return the board and switch to another brand that will fit my requirements Likely the Asus WS RevolutionI would like to at least try and resolve the issue.


He said he tried that but still nothing. User Control Panel Log out. Sometimes people say they’ve tried something, when they really haven’t.

I do have windows but it is the Windows Bit no Bit. I think it is a problem with the physical motherboard. Forums Posts Latest Posts. How can i register a giveaway item?

Essentials Only Full Version.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. I have had the speakers plugged into both the front headset jack as well as the rear green ouput channel but get same results either way.

Pistoj Doulos Unum Pluribus. Azuzentech cards are among the best and theyre PCIe. The difference was like between night and day,its horrid.

Audio problems, EVGA X58 SLI & Win7 Pro 64bit – EVGA Forums

My onboard audio keeps cutting in and out. Did my default fan curve suddenly change? Essentials Only Full Version. All I know is it worked perfectly a year ago and I don’t see why it would not be working now. Wish I could help more. I tried playing with the settings e. If so, put it in and install Windows on it.


To the best of my knowledge it started happening around the time I went SLI and triple channel on the memory 3x4gb sticks.

X58 SLI Onboard Sound card issues

Randomly the sound will all the sudden turn into severe crackling, speakers cutting in and out, etc. It was not in warranty so I went and bout a PCI sound card and that works now. View More Photo Galleries.

See my primary ModsRigs: Forums Posts Latest Posts. See my primary ModsRigs: Do you have any old hard drives kicking around?

I told him to make sure the audio device selected is Realtek.