I only use 1 port. I downloaded the drivers referenced in your link and bam! Ok, here is my take. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and used these: No response from the team Evga? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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They dont know Inside the batch file enter the following commands echo off C: By all rights, Win7 should have picked it up. The generic Intel driver does not work any longer.

[FIX] Network adapter connection issue w/ P55V board at bootup – EVGA Forums

View More Photo Galleries. Background 15 years Sr. Disabling one adapter does not help too. Ok, here is my take.

[FIX] Network adapter connection issue w/ P55V board at bootup

I am having the same ethernet problem so decided to sell and buy ASUS motherboard maybe better more EVGA i have called and they just give same solution which is delete and install.

User Control Panel Log out. Updated my system Battlefield Ethefnet Then Windows managed to find some Windows 7 drivers out of the blue. Hope to hear from EVGA support team soon.


Drivers and BIOS

I’ve also included the BAT files. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Windows 7 Ultimate x Install the Ethernet drivers and reboot your computer 2. Has EVGA came up with an official solution?

Ethernet Issues with P55V – EVGA Forums

If you still have questions PM me. I really appreciate the help! By disabling and then enabling it, it will work, but that is a rather annoying thing to do every time I turn on my computer. The copy of devcon that Micorosoft offers through there link is the older copy and doesn’t work with Windows 7, but if you go here you can download the newer versions which I uploaded.

The issue I am having now is while the drivers work, sporadically the port will cease working and will not detect a network, requiring a reboot of the machine. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

FTW3 Logo peel off. There are thousands of mobo from EVGA out there that do not have this issue. Updated my system Battlefield V: After about 10 attempts of the system attempting to enable the device, it will stay on Enabled and will try to Identify the network for a few minutes until it will settle on “Unidentified P55g.


Essentials Only Full Version.

I have updated to the latest drivers from Marvell but to no avail. If I switch to the other one it works.

Use the Universal Extractor to extract this file into its own folder 6. The tech guy said he will double check the driver I found and then forward the info to the Tech support guys and write up some sort of ethernnet about it and have things updated. You’re a life saver! I’ll be working on trying these suggestions. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

I am having the same issue.