In some of the States, as has already been stated, the office of clerk of court is merged with some other county office. The first comptroller revises and certifies the accounts of the civil and diplomatic service and public lands. Waldow, Lewis, Farming, S. They locate county roads; determine the amount of county tax, and regularly publish a statement of their proceedings; make statements of receipts, expenditures, etc. The House is given the sole power of impeachment, but all impeachments must be tried by the Senate. In nearly all the States the law defines the character of the record books which the clerk of court must keep.

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Burtraw; Noah Rich; C.

Full text of “80 Microcomputing – Issue 27 ()()(US)”

It must be written; must be signed; it must be absolute, not depending upon any contingency;it must be to pay moneV in a certain amount or in an amount capable of being certain by computation; the time of payment must be certain or such as will become certain; but when no time is expressed the law implies that payment is due immediately; and lastly, the order or promise must be accompanied by words of negotiability-that is payable to a certain payee’s order or to bearer.

This official county board is generally termed the county “board of supervisors,” or “board of commissioners,” but there are some exceptions to this, like Missouri, where the county board is known as the “county court. They take proof of wills, direct the administration of estates, grant and revoke letters testamentary and of administration, appoint and remove guardians, etc.

This term includes a variety of instruments, such as promissory notes, checks, drafts and bills of exchange.

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This is one of the most important branches of the National Government. Rumsey; Mill Pond; C. If an applicant is unable to furnish reasonable sd-401, or is irresponsible or unworthy he must necessarily be refused, but in securing money which he cannot guarantee the return of, whether it be from a banker or another business man he does an injustice to the interests cf business generally.


In school affairs provision is made for handling the more complex educational interests of villages and cities-the school boards being made larger, and in many cases the scope of their authority is very much extended. Diagram 4 shows a eerest of a Township as it is divided and platted by the government surveyors.

The issuance and filing of sd-401 and caveats. Bennett; Claude Wood; J. The jurisdiction of all these courts is, of course, inferior to that of the Supreme Court, and varies greatly in the different States.

He can subpoena witnesses; administer oaths; in certain cases provide for a decent burial, and can bind over to the proper court any person implicated in the killing of the deceased. Ward; Edward Ward Sr.

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It will be seen that Sections 1, rverest, S3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, are the “Fractional Sections,” or the Sections 27 which are affected if the Township overruns 27 25 or falls short. The War Departnient is also required, among other duties, to maintain the signal service and provide for taking meteorological observations at wverest points on the continent, and give telegraphic notice of the approach of storms. Fouts; Standard Oil Co. N all of the States the laws provide for the local government of cities and villages, so that when they attain a certain population they everets be separated from, and thus manage their affairs independent of, the township in which they are located, both as to school matters and civil authority.

A “Deposit Ticket” or 11 Deposit Blank” is furnished the customer, and he enters upon this a full description of all the items which he desires entered to his credit, stating whether it is gold, silver or currency and making a separate entry for each draft or check that he deposits. Lowe; Gaines Lutham; Geo. There are a great many very important officials connected with the Treasury Department, chief among which are the following, viz.: He is charged with the-duty sc-01 visiting and inspecting the financial accounts and standing of certain corporations and institutions organized under the State laws.


The county offices that have already been mentioned are the principal ones found in all of the States. He must be thirty-five years old or more, and a native-born citizen of the United States. The Attorney-General is the legal adviser of the President, and it is the duty of. Iftwtu-7 — aurn L 40 0 80 yyiaiisnEcuetan-sonJ8Johnson – 1 0 0ge ann0t It is the duty of the recorder or register, as soon as practical after the filing of any instrument in writing in his office entitled to be recorded, to record th’e same at length, in the order of the time of its reception, in books provided by the county for that purpose; and it is his duty to endorse on all instruments a certificate of the time when the same was filed.

The Interior Department is under the immediate control of the Secretary of the Interior.

The general duty and design of the Department of Agriculture is to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with everext in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants. I ment division overruns or falls short, each sofw S-4 350m gains or loses its proportion.

Gardner; John Lewis; M.

Richland Township 12N 5W Keywords: Dickinson; School; Ficeguer; S. PAGE 80 19 65 9 83 37 81 49 81 81 73 77 17 69 For instance, in Illinois some of the counties are governed by a board of supervisors, which is made up of one member from each township, while other counties in the same State are governed by a board of county commissioners, consisting of three or more members, each representing districts into which the counties in question are divided.

Locy; Pine River; A.