The lock Page so VingCard Vision 4. Moves to the bottom of the displayed list. If it is set to hours, the system is compatible with earlier versions. All other PCs are referred to as workstations. Below you see an example of a completed Time Tables Worksheet. Mark the default possibility with a “d” next to the Time Table.

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The guest keycard becomes invalid — A guest keycard normally becomes invalid in one of these three ways: Est4-932 in your new number from VingCard into the blank field. Page 89 VingCard Vision 4. Some cruise line companies use batch mode.

When you have typed in the license code, press OK. Your password tells the Vision system: This is important where several computer systems sub processing keycards for one facility.

Full text of “Vision Manual”

This allows you to maximize the operational benefits of both technologies and provides for seamless system upgrades in the future.

Select the Keycard Type you want to create a User Group for. Automatic logon allows users est4-932 avoid es-4932 network login after a PC is started. This makes it possible to control a large variety of lock devices. Available Common Doors All of the locks for guests, or employees depending on whether you selected Guest or Employee on a previous screen of this wizard will be displayed.


C Sections This is employee sections, typically used when setting up access for maids, housekeeping etc. Pocket PC with Windows software 2.

Configure encoder network settings

Before it expires, the hotel makes a replacement keycard. The Duplex settings if present for your adaptor can be found under: Moves one item downward on the displayed list. Start Time is the normal Override Criterion in ships, ferries, cruise liners etc.

The use of a new guest keycard will automatically lock out the previous guest’s keycard. The requirements for the PCs are: The following additional functions are implemented: If this does not jsb, the lock battery is probably dead. To open a keyboard, press the ysb icon in the taskbar.

For Windows 98 sharing has to be set manually. Make sure the docking station is connected to the Vision PC and the Pocket PC is turned on and is in the docking station. A Keycard Type can also be interrelated to itself, thus automatically making itself invalid in a lock after the first use.


Interrelation is a powerful tool to control how keycards for different Keycard Types interact.

Our inventory changes constantly and quantities listed are based on available stock. Page 35 VingCard Vision 4. Start Time Select this if you want the time that the keycard becomes valid in the lock to be the criteria for overriding.

Exit the Registry Editor. The installation of Microsoft ActiveSync is now complete.

For example if the range is tolocks would be created beginning with names from through Enables an entry log to be stored on the Smart Cards of card holders in the user group. Select Yes and continue by pressing Next.

A license code is also delivered with the software, and this must be typed in at the end of the installation.