Checked, Not necessary Is the inside of the unit free of dust? Black cartridge changed and cleaned 0: Rise and fall time should be within 0. Dispose the used batteries according to government’s law and regulations. These bubbles may cause not only printing malfunction but also thickening ink. YES Replace the nnain board. Among these components are the carriage motor, the carriage mechanism, the home position sensor, and the scanner head.

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Light When the shift electrode goes on, the electrons accumulated in the MOS espon are released. Line data format Consists of a 4-byte information block, or a 1-line image data block.

Step 5 The host computer responds: The only difference in the way these boards operate is in the primary circuitry.

Block Diagram for Reset Circuit.

This counter is reset when the ink cartridge is removed from the printer during the ink cartridge exchange sequence. Text mode Not Raster graphics mode Rev. After inputting the ID code, the program returns to the main menu and you can continue to another adjustments.


Also, it is one of the major characteristics that the bottom of the Printer mechanism plays the role as Lower case at the same time. Reading of an Original Document. Backward Printed pattern Shift the lever to: Normally, you should choose the setting that matches the resolution of the output device you use.

Maximum Size of Original for Scanning. No ink cartridge error? Step 4 The scanner responds: During adjustment, always pull the timing belt to move the carriage assembly 5.

Epson Perfection Scanners

Refer to Section 3. Arrangement of Photosensors Rev. Disconnect the cables from the connector of the printhead unit. Image data is output to the computer or other external device. Refer to Table Is it carriage error?

Scznner the upper housing Refer to Section 3. Yes Replace the CR motor and follow the steps below to check the driver. Table lists the messages that tell you if service is required.

epson scanner 10f driver download

By the combinations of signal svanner from these 6 different signals, total 6 particular types of scanndr waveforms such as normal dot and micro dot. This section provides an overview of the five gamma correction settings.


These lamps are also controlled by gate array E02A Initial charge required bit3: Depending on the printing quantity after the last cleaning, other cleaning mode is selected. Print Head Ejecting State Rev. The head unit is defective.

The print head as a core of the printing mechanism is installed in the carriage unit. See Figure for a graphical representation of the five gamma correction settings.

Damaging the rubber part causes incomplete capping and the epso condition become unstable. Hold the cap assembly to the right direction while you rotating the gear for check Ink Tube Routing OK Ink tube goes behind of the cap assembly Viewed from front NG The ink tube is on the part of the cap assembly Figure