Chip Resetter featuring the following: We will be more than glad to help you make the right choices for your printer according to your printing needs. Jun 14, 5: In order to resolve this situation, the chip resetter should be placed against the cartridge once again and pressed more firmly to ensure proper contact. There is a know problem with the Gutenprint drivers v5.

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Here is a list of the Epson printers it will reset When you are attempting to do a reset, if the Green LED does not flash, this is an indication that the chip you are trying to reset is either corrupted or damaged. I could print to old Epson still before I disconnected. I did a Google search, found this thread: Jun 25, 1: Using what version and what driver? Point can be used at the next shopping time.

Add to Cart Characteristic of product The specifications details Product review. I don’t have any large paper to check for my original issue an 11×17 printbut I’m hoping this will resolve it.


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Chip Resetters : for EPSON QE CHIP RESETTER

Ask a question Reset. I guess I’m returning this to where I got it. All replies Drop Down menu. There is no limit to the number of times a chip can be reset. Matt Broughton Matt Broughton. Product review Global assessment 3.

Printer Cable USB 6ft for Epson PMC

The chips are reset without changing the Epson identification on the chip. I just tried printing an 11×17 print and it was extremely light almost draft-like quality.

The LED light does not turn on if the cartridge chip is corrupt or contains corrupt data. After downloading what I thought was the eposn driver, I tried again, to no avail. We add to list of desired things. The specific products are NOT manufactured by the aforementioned manufacturers. If you hear a rattle inside the SK, this means the batteries have come loose. Please enjoy your shopping time. I have an email pending with Epson.

I thought I didn’t need to do it since I had cleaned my Mac 8 months ago of those Gutenprint drivers. The unit will not work with the batteries loose.

Another probable reason due to which LED may not turn on can be epspn incompatibility of the chip resetter for the cartridge it is being used. All our products are of Premium Quality and they are covered by: If the LED does not light up when the cartridge and chip resetter are pressed against each other, it means that there is no physical contact between the cartridge chip and the chip resetter.


This review served as a reference.

Printer Cable USB 2.0 6ft for Epson PM740C

Home Company Products Sitemap Contact. Simply line up your OEM or compatible ink cartridge with the notches on the bottom of the resetter different size notches for the different cartridge designs.

The printers can not detect that an external chip resetter was used. Just to keep an old printer functioning?

As we wore on the next day when we ordered, it was good to be early.