The AC adapter is designed for use with the scanner with which it was included. You cannot scan negative slides with Full Auto Mode. Be careful not to spill liquid into the scanner mechanism or electronic components. The image size changes corresponding to the Preview window size. If the problem persists, try restarting the computer. See Epson Technical Support.

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You can scan multiple document pages and save them in a single PDF file. Then try adjusting the Threshold setting. Windows 10 capturing output eson the “Epson Manager” from forwarding commands.

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Scanning Your Originals Scanning Special Projects Follow the step-by-step instructions here to scan your original documents or photos using any of the available scanning methods. Use only the AC adapter that comes with your scanner.

Attach the packing materials that came with the scanner, then repack the scanner in its original box or a similar box that fits the scanner snugly. Descreening Removes the rippled pattern that can appear in subtly shaded image areas such as skin tones.


We respect your privacy. If it is not installed, see Replacing the Document Mat for details.

Log in Not signed in yet? Click Finish or press the scan to PDF button on the scanner.

Epson Perfection V33 User`s guide |

Dust perfeftion cause spots in your scanned images. Click the Start button icon and select Control Panel. Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment.

Increase the resolution setting. Click or double-click the System icon.

Select the size of your original document as the Size setting. This feature allows you to set the timer number of minutes for when to automatically shut down the scanner. Unplug the scanner and the AC adapter, and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: Top Placing Slides in the Holder You can scan up epsoon four 35 spson slides at a time using the slide portion of the film holder.

Pull the scanner cover straight up. Notes contain important information and useful tips on the operation of this product. Make any other file save settings epsson click OK.

Flashing Make sure the scanner is connected to your computer properly. Setting Description Brightness Adjusts the overall image lightness and darkness.


[Solved] Epson Scanner Not Working on Windows 10

Home Mode is best when perfwction want to preview images of your originals before scanning them. Contact Epson for assistance. Computers with USB 2. If you are viewing the normal preview and you only have one photo on the document table, you can click the auto locate icon to automatically draw a marquee, then perfectjon to step 3. Lay the cover down flat next to the scanner.

Scan to PDF button c. Some computers can change the palette of colors on your screen. Select Document Table as the Document Source setting. Click and drag the marquee to the desired location. Experience expert scanning for photos, with a built-in transparency unit for slides and films.