Thread starter malware Start date Nov 22, The screenshot above was taken on a road leading to the Stalker village at the beginning of the game. Sun shadows in the middle section of the screenshot create distinct shadows that come from distinct sources. This powerful graphics card features the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs; and with an unparalleled large onboard memory size, is designed to provide feature-rich DirectX 10 gaming and the best multimedia playback at ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings. All these ‘clever’ people in the marketing teams that write this stuff should really be rounded up, as should those who believe their spiel! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Our manual runthrough consists of the first few missions the player undertakes and goes between a small village, a country road, a farm, and a enhaned.

There is still grass rendered, even off into the distance, but there is just less of it.

Asus EN8800GT (DDR3 512MB)

All these ‘clever’ people in the marketing nehanced that write this stuff should really be rounded up, as should those who believe their spiel! It also creates a dynamic environment and enhances lighting contrast. When we set it to static lighting, we set all of the other options as high as the game would let us. Misiowiec New Member Nov 22, Another announcement for those who swallow the hook blindly.


Even a powerful GPU can suffer from bottlenecks due to slow and insufficient en880 memory, therefore memory size is very important. The game effectively creates a “dirty” look and feel, and the graphics are quite demanding on hardware.

The road simply stops and the dirt starts.

Notice snhanced we didn’t use AA, and we only used 8x AF. Notice also that the in-game settings were not at maximum levels, even with static lighting.

Without dynamic lighting, S. Lighting distance and shadow quality both had to be turned down to about halfway. The more memory installed on a video card, the more data it can store, and thus there is no need to utilize slower access to the PC RAM.

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By comparison, static lighting looks flat and gray. It seemed to pause for a split second between frames and the result was a sluggish, unplayable mess. The last screenshot comparison illustrates a similar effect as the first comparison. Mutants, military, and mercenaries roam the area, hunting for Stalkers and enhanfed. Click to find out more. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. But everything else that we could turn up, we did turn up. There is no AF used, which is visible on the blurry road surface texture and the ground texture on the right.


Thread starter malware Start date Nov 22, I would imagine that like all the other Asus top models they are quite expensive. Joined Sep 16, Messages 3, 0. Players must eat and rest to maintain their energy level, and they must use bandages to patch up lacerations, and anti-radiation medication or Vodka! Some options were disabled, since those features enhaned only available wnhanced dynamic lighting.

Additionally, it also provides users with the option to record live gaming action or live broadcasting over the Internet with ease. New Member Nov 22, Joined Oct 1, Messages 0. Seems so and also to not cooling memory, it’s not cooling the low 3 mosfets and the 1 big one, that are cooled or heated up, how you want enhznced look it in reference cooler. The graphical look of the game is corroded and rotten.

THQ published the game on Wednesday, March 21stand by the end of enhancev week, it was the number 1 selling PC gameand the 8th best selling game on any platform.