Office Office Exchange Server. It’s not ideal as it’s not integrated with ASIO but it works! I use the EMU site’s latest X64 bit drivers beta and Patchmix downloads and they haven’t given me any problems. I got a E-mu PCI soundcard aside from the built-in reltek. Find More Posts by jonmatifa. All times are GMT

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Wednesday, October 7, 4: I have the m version, and regardless on what version you have, i’ve read how sketchy the driver support is for Win7.

One comment was, “the Beta driver is getting old to put it politely. Sometimes about once every two weeks I get an ugly bluescreen all of a sudden, without any program running, with no specific driver mentioned. Unpack and run the. None of the fixes above work for me. As above the issues seem to have gone away with the All times are GMT When I plug it in, Windows 7 recognizes that it is a device that is plugged in, but states that the driver is unsigned.


If I close the program that is sounding distorted and open it again, the sound will be restored. PS Yes, I’m a computer guy by trade.

The reason, multiple people with multiple sound cards are having the same issue. Ironically, any time I’m creating a track, I do not get distortion in my apps Reaper, Fruity Loopsalthough, FL does like to take a dump on me randomly.

EMU 1616 and Windows 7 64 bit OS

I have problems too. Does Reaper recognize it in preferences? Saturday, January 9, 5: There was also an error on windows load about a file missing that was found to be linked to the adobe updater app, which seems to be a problem with the shockwave plugin http: Wednesday, January 26, 6: What should I do now? Anyways, my new sound card is no longer a problem but the E-MU doesn’t want to work. Find More Posts by Bubbagump. The beta drivers are not dependable and become unstable during long work periods.

windows 7 and emu pci soundcard

Might be worthwhile persevering with that link, or checking the Emu users forums? Just load your 16 bit Patchmix settings for startup and then switch to a dedicated template for SONAR and you should be good to go.


This ended only after removing the card from pc, uninstall of the driver and back again. Owning both devices USB and a m there is almost!

Create the strips you need and save it in your sessions as Default. You cannot create polls in this forum. You have a finite amount. Originally Posted by richie43 That’s the same one I just uploaded.

I have had the same Kind of Assy replys to problems too.

I rebooted after each installation. The OC’s effects are far better though but not as flexable. If this is a hardware problem and no new drivers will be coming, pc/pcie it may be insoluble in your present machine.

Now it seems I have to rollback to Vista in order to do that.