I also give a nod to Auravision for bringing such a convenient new technology to market with such aplomb. Thankfully, the designers kept the number pad. Itronix supplies mobile computing products to field services, telecommunications, utilities, government, aerospace, public safety, geophysical surveying, and meter reading. A membrane keyboard works by having a flat backpanel, under the keys, under which lie conductive strips. Once you have cleaned the area or put the plunger back in place the key can be layed flat, pulled forward, and then the bottom half of the key can be firmly pressed. First, the hinges are held to the keyboard with four nubs.

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If a key is not working properly the best thing is to use your fingernail or plastic swipe card to lift the bottom of the key.

Learning About and Fixing Your Eluminx Keyboard –

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. I have found that the plastic keychain swipe card that my local grocer gave me works very well. My keyboard has been subject to heavy use for about a year now and it is being to show signs of wear. This will be welcome news to LAN gamers who lug their equipment around. While it doesn’t help usability at all, the glow is extremely cool looking. Hope you found this guide to be helpful and interesting.

The electroluminescence works very well. It’s naturally much lighter than its larger counterparts as well. The total key travel of the keys are 4mm and elumihx have a peak tactile force of 30g.


Secondly I have called Eluminx and requested replacement hinges for my keyboard. The flat design grew on me, but a bit of angle might make is appealing to a wider range of users.

The company had even signed itself a superstar gamer, Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel to help push product. Interestingly this is not happening in any sort of pattern, many of the most commonly used keys are fine while some less popular ones are starting to act quite poorly.

Keybaord have noted the the keyboard is at it most vulnerable when keys are pressed and then pushed upwards away from the spacebar. This does not take into account outside factors, like dust, or the wear on the hinges or plunger. Do the same with any things you feel should be included.

The Little Keyboard That Can: Auravision EluminX

Itronix supplies mobile computing products to field services, telecommunications, utilities, government, aerospace, public safety, geophysical surveying, and meter reading.

It is fast as hell, extremely comfortable, and is nicely designed and built.

Under normal circumstances this is not a problem but special care should be taken when transporting the keyboard. The International Olympic Committee is also using this patented technology for their operations.

The Little Keyboard That Can: Auravision EluminX

As such I have been getting concerned as the quality of the stroke of certain keys as been deteriorating. The resistance to the downstroke is provided my the plunger which is the implement which actually pressed down on the membrane switch and completes the keystroke. This patented technology was first used in ruggedized laptops developed for military use, where computing efficiently at nighttime or in low-lit environments is crucial elumknx survival.


The translucentcy of the keys and back panel make fixing this keyboard doubly difficult. It is also very fast with a “crisp” action.

Thankfully, the designers kept the number pad. Kebyoard, the keystroke is very shallow, perhaps three millimeters compared to the six or so millimeters for a standard desktop model. This tactile keybosrd is determined by a small rubbery plunger which is placed between the key and the rear panel.

Auravision Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard keyboard Series

Though the board is it overall good shape some of the keys just need some refurbishing. This keyboard is the first consumer model of its kind. What to Do… If a key is dislodged or not functioning properly then some simple steps can be take to remedy the situation.

Due to the minimal size of the hinge and its placement on the keyboard this procedure can be tricky. This feel and action of the EluminX made it perfect for gaming. I elmuinx that Auravision doesn’t benefit from the gargantuan manufacturing runs of Logitech or Microsoft, but it is still a big investment. Resistance is firm without being elumnix strong.