Data repeats every 4 bytes. The logical sequence of operation for the SmartSet controller, used in combination with the AccuTouch touchscreen, is as follows: Controllers that have been set to emulate older data formats will no longer work with the Elo Windows drivers, as these drivers only support the SmartSet data format. Commands are sent one at a time. Troubleshooting Hyper Terminal Problems. Because of the stability of the AccuTouch system, recalibration is not necessary unless the position of the image changes.

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The appearance of the data stream gives clues to the format of the data. Interested in Solutions from Elo?

This manual provides technical information on the Elo SmartSet touchscreen controller family. Appendix B Gives algorithms for coordinate scaling.

Comdump may be used with an existing older controller to determine its data format and characteristics, and smagtset to determine which command text files need to be sent to a more modern controller to get it to emulate the older data format. Early ‘s data format. A set of reflector stripes located on the lower edge of the glass reflects these waves across the active area of the glass.

Each axis of the touchscreen panel has a transmitting and receiving piezoelectric transducer, and sets of reflector stripes. Interested in Custom Products from Elo?


The data packets should fit one of the formats below:.

EloTouch Solutions | Support

Should display two columns of 4-digit coordinates plus one with T or U. This manual smaftset includes examples of writing a software interface, such as a device driver, for the controller.

Example C code is included. A set of ASCII text command files is available to perform setup, older data format emulations and other changes that are most commonly requested.

In order to use comdump, the COM port that the touchmonitor is connected to must be available for use. The logical sequence of operation for the SmartSet controller, used in combination with the AccuTouch touchscreen, is as follows: Identifying Data Formats and Operating Modes.

The following controllers make up the SmartSet controller family. Elo does not warrant or support this information and cannot be held liable for accidental or intentional misuse of zmartset information.

Elo Singletouch (USB)

Details are given in this manual on the features, configurations, connections, and specifications of the SmartSet controllers. SmartSet controllers provide the drive signals for the touchscreen, convert the received analog signals into digital touch coordinates, and send dmartset to the host computer. The rest of this manual is organized as follows: The comdump window should open. Reflector stripes at the top gather the reflected waves and direct them to the X-axis receiving transducer which reconverts eo surface waves into an electrical signal.


Appendix A Details optional data output formats and emulation modes.

If the data does not fit any of the above formats 11, 13 or 16 byte data packetshit the M key on the keyboard to toggle to ASCII data display, smartsdt touch the screen again. For a COM2 connection, type comdump 2 and hit the Enter key.

Chapter 3 Details the controller connections and installation procedures. Other third-party drivers and interfaces are also available. See Figureeol, for details on the construction of an IntelliTouch touchscreen.

This is continued until several successive X samples fall within the range. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This information is intended as development information for use by trained smartst, and is not a procedure or statement of work. The data packets should fit one of the formats below: Smmartset in Solutions from Elo? The IntelliTouch surface wave technology touchscreen consists of a glass panel molded to the precise shape of a display’s face.