This function also downloads information required for source-level debugging such as debugging information. User Guide USB 2. Information 4 3 Preface Without user registration, you will not be able to receive maintenance services such as a notification of field changes or trouble information. Refer to each additional document. To remove the pin type user system interface cable from the user system, pull the tab on the connector upward. When attaching multiple optional products, use only one trace cable.

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A bent or twisted cable will impose stress on the user interface leading to connection or contact failure. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection More information. For details, refer to section 1. The package type name has -U at the end of the usv name of EH.

Laser Wireless Rechargeable Mouse Model: Such use includes, but is not limited to, use in life support systems. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in usbb with the instructions manual, More information.

The integrated development environment TM bundled to the C-compiler package and assembler package can also be used.

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Before purchasing or using any Renesas products listed in this document, please confirm the latest product sub with a Renesas sales office. Also, please pay regular and careful attention to additional and different information to be disclosed by Renesas such as that disclosed through our website. The main features are: Renesas cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard.


Use of other settings will not activate the emulator.

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If all of the components are not present, contact your nearest Renesas sales office. Connect the user system interface cable to the user-side connector of the emulator. Purpose of the Emulator Product: Cables must not be connected or removed while the power is on.

Refer to the High-performance Embedded Workshop User’s Manual for details on the information on the basic usage of the High-performance Embedded Workshop, customization of the uab, build functions, and debugging functions common to each High-performance Embedded Workshop product. Please follow these installation instructions More information.

H8S, H8SX Family E10A-USB Emulator – PDF

Renesas shall have no liability for malfunctions or damages arising out of the use of Renesas products beyond such specified ranges.

All other products or services mentioned More information. Toll-free telephone support If you More information. If the memory is written in the [Memory] window, read cycles in the range displayed in the [Memory] window will occur for updating the window.

Protect the emulator from excessive impacts and stresses. The user system can be debugged under the conditions similar to the actual application conditions. The following and most recent version of the emulator debugger can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge: These issues are left to the respective manuals.


Since this function uses the trace buffer built into the device, a realtime trace can be acquired.

Connecting e10a usb with SH-2a processors by H-UDI

Connection of the signals differs depending on the package. Take photos, record audio, or capture HD video with the More information.

The access address, instruction fetch address, data, or bus cycle condition can be set. All information included in this document such as product data, diagrams, charts, programs, algorithms, and application circuit examples, is current as of the date this document is issued.

Such module can be selected from [Download Module] in the [Debug] menu. A jsb for the user system interface cable is provided at the side of this mark.

Handling Recommendations To enable development, the ToolStick Base Adapter and daughter cards are distributed without any protective plastics. For details on the functions of each product, refer to the online help. The EH emulator is a high-performance emulator complying to the maximum operation frequency of MHz.