We use the printer to print a wedding photo of our customer’s wedding. For the price I am very satisfied. The software is also user-friendly and easy to use. Finally, the DiscPainter is a one trick pony. No clip art library is included, and text treatment is awkward. As long as it continues to work properly then I could be convinced to raise my raiting to “Excellent”.

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All in all, a great, easy to use little Optical disc labeler.

Dymo Diskprinter We use the printer to print a wedding photo of our customer’s wedding. Once you do this one time, you will buy the printable disks. Dymo shipped out a brand idsc unit which worked for about twenty discs worth of printing and we now have another mechanical failure of the second unit.

I would purchase this at bhphoto. For matte, glossy, or colored printing, the DYMO Disc Painter printer features nine ink-density settings for perfect ink control. I currently have a Canon PIXMA iP printer at home, it is a brilliant printer that, from its six individual cartridges prints an amazing painnter, and, does the same when you get the CD tray out, set it up and work out the right setting to use.


We use the printer to print a wedding photo of our customer’s wedding. I disconnected it and opened the top unit to see smoke. But as the only low cost print game in town, they were a necessary evil — until recently.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, went to technical support to download the firmware upgrade and the only thing that happened when I went to print a disc was the unit inside started to smoke, the disc kept spinning with nothing else happening.

Long Waits The DiscPainter follows a good recipe, if you don’t mind waiting by the oven. I have not, until now, come ;ainter a convenient, quick, no mess no fuss way to do it. These settings are controlled in the print dialog tab of Discus. Additional Product Features Media Type. But it may not meet everybody’s expectations. When it works properly the results are fantastic.

It prints very quickly and quietly, even with complex graphics, and the ink dries quickly. Dymo Printers Dymo Rhino. I can run full color disc thru an epson printer at. After trashing about 10 disks, tech support gave me a download and it dy,o to be working again. Be the first to review this item. The circular printing process takes over a minute to produce a simple two-color design.


Dymo DiscPainter CD/DVD Inkjet Printer

The Epson utilizes a six cartridge system, but the cartridges are more expensive — in fact, nearly three times the cost of the DYMO cartridge. Write a review bwzeqztbdatzzqyxxt. I pulled the disc out and saw it dumped a bunch of red ink in the center of the disc making a mess.

A similar print from an older Epson R provide more even color.

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. For the price I am very satisfied. Weighing just about 2.

Dymo DiscPainter CD/DVD Inkjet Printer | eBay

Matte finishes were nice, but a step below in appearance to glossy blanks at best quality print settings. The software is also user-friendly and easy to use.

The unit is small, lightweight, well-built, paintdr oddly shaped printer measuring 4. This was true using both the included Discus software as well as DiscLabel which gives marginally better results.

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