No, the scanner’s resolution is fixed and cannot be changed programmatically. Select the file type you want to export vCard, CSV, etc. Click on the Contacts tab. Edit the information on the duplicate version of the card. Close the Untitled – Contact and do not save changes. In CardScan 9, the feature to transfer specific contacts has been removed and replaced with an option to synchronize all of your contacts to either Microsoft Outlook, Sage’s ACT! You are using an outdated browser.

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Upgrade to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome. To work around this problem, you must either connect the scanner directly to the network, or use a program that turns the client-attached scanner into a network device. An Untitled – Contact will open. Click on the email icon or selectCard Send Mail To.

These cookies are used to enable site functionality. Click Next for step 3 to 6 to complete the wizard. Drag the contact to the other application and release the mouse button. Click the drop-down menu and select Use templates in file system.


Assign the same category to multiple contacts. Select Card Replace from the Menu.

Dymo CardScan 800c Executive Business Card Scanner

Hold down the control key while clicking on individual names to simultaneously select non-consecutive items in the list. Browse to the location of your CardScan Backup file and select Open. Select the Synchronization tab. Click the Select button under Lotus Notes Database. In the other application, highlight the acrd to drag and drop.

I mistakenly deleted several of my contacts from my database. This program uses the SDK to read the cards and then writes the information to the database. Choose to Create a free-form template and click Next. Choose the option that suits you best, follow the on-screen instructions. The Export Wizard will open. CardScan is not capable of synchronizing directly with an iPad.

Dymo CardScan c Executive Business Card Scanner | eBay

Dtmo and drop or copy and paste all the cards from the current file to the new file. In the CardScan Synchronization window, clickConfigure. You can easily accept or reject the cookies on this site by choosing one of the following links: Start the CardScan program.

Do I have to pay any per-copy royalty to distribute the SDK files with my application? Make sure you have your iPod plugged into the FireWire port and that it is mounted in Finder. Choose Yes when CardScan asks if you want to overwrite the original file. The maximum thickness accommodated by the CardScan series is 1. If you wish to print the back of the card in CardScan, you would have to re-scan the back of your business card as a new record. Click the Tools menu and choose Options.


From the drop down menu, select which telephone format you would like to use. Choose a location to save your exported file. Select the contacts you want to export. If the other application supports the vCard interchange format, you can drag and drop contacts from CardScan as follows: In CardScan version 3. Otherwise, you must purchase a CardScan software license for each end-user.