Happened 6 times wit this message alone. I can do it woth a dvi hook up wired though. What can I do? So i do and it just repeats the same thing. I have to do a hard shut down to get out of it.

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Oh, and for you out there wondering just what the problem is: Anyways not vd9930us long after I got it, it shut off one night and I could not get it to turn back on. I also have to call my brother, who is a lawyer, because legal action is how i am going to proceed if HP does not repair my laptop and reimburse my last repair, or give me a new laptop altogether.

He told me the problem for dv is power supply conflict between battery n adapter. If yes, can you tell me how you did it. When the creation process is finished, click OK.


It ppears tehy replaced the motherboard, display, and re-imaged the harddrive. I rang HP help and they told me to take the RAm out, the battery, and the drive,Turn on the laptop and leave for a while. I had the hard drive replaced within months of purchasing it. After a while it had a sound problem, when I re-instal xp it continued.


My DV is about 1 or 2 months out of the 1-yr warranty, and low and behold, wake up this morning and screen is blank.

Its still under warranty. It is being collected by courier tomorrow. They seem a lot friendlier on there. Im gonna flash the new bios and check. After reading all this information on the HP range of laptops, i am slightly worried about my own.

UAC User Account Controls may also appear asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to the system. I was dedicated and loyal HP user. Dv99930us am just one person…. I bought one HP CA in Vancouver, so now that had start xxp especific problem like that issues above…. No screen blackout, but wireless dropping out and overheating. Now I have probably lost all my information and am worried whether HP will live up to its promise of reimbursing my money.

XP downgrade for a DVus | NotebookReview

Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive, A failure may be imminent. Try reinstalling the Audio drivers. Insert your first blank DVD and then click Next.

In May the screen went goofy on me as everything appeared as though it had a red haze behind it. They replaced a battery that they identified as defective even though was well out of warranty. The symptoms that may occur are these:.


The PROBLEM im having is that for no apparent reason my volume has just stopped outputing any audio at all,even though device manager and the drivers are all working not to mention all volume controls are set and proper,i have no idea what the problem is and my laptop isnt giving me any indication that there even IS any problem with audio. I worked with it til October, when i decided to contact HP. Each time the repair support service has been excellent, but I would not recommend the HP product itself after such a sub-standard performance.

Iv also got all the dc9930us up to date audio codecs,etc. I have a Compaq Pres. I Called Hp they didnt even troubleshoot, i told them what i did and he dvv9930us i had dv9930u mail it in for service.

You can now start the disk creation process again. Is the GPU integrated on the motherboard?