In the same situation, the WORD tokenizer is able to identify individual words only , and not their combination. You might receive some warnings when the import scripts try to perform and ‘analyze’ and doesn’t have the permissions to do so. His own version is at the heart of the SpamBayes project, another classification engine, and presents a more efficient process for tokens that appear infrequently. Training the Merged group alone without the members will influence the accuracy for each Merged group member. Again, the configuration file provided by the sources is rather well commented.

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The information used in every calculation is temporarily stored on the server, enabling DSPAM to relearn the original message by looking for a small signature in the forwarded spam.

Debian — Error

That is to treat it as a Content-Filter. Brian Burton uses a modified version of Graham. Nginx configuration is then easy, it just forwards requests to CGI fcgiwrap. Which would be the best way to make the cron job just be silent if there is no configured backend? The default and most straightforward backend to configure is the Hash Driver.

No surprise, it’s written in Perl. Naive Bayesian- All Tokens. That, and the reference to cssclean in the cron job both are dependencies, IMHO. The other option would be to place the signature in the headers only, but these are usually removed by user agents when a message is forwarded. In short, the weight value of dsoam token is used to multiply the impact of the probability associated with the token in the overall calculation.


RPM resource dspam-hash

Just point your MX at it and configure it to relay to your mail server. However, before imported the schemas, we are going to create a procedural language in the DSPAM database. The home page of the interface displays performances statistics for the current user. While the examples in this dspa, are mostly based on the Hash Driver, you will probably chose to use another type of backend. If you are using a database backend, and not the Hash driver, you need an external script to connect to the database and clean the tokens.

To debug, check the espam files on Debian: It’s wordy, but instructive.

Dspam trademark and logo All copyright upto and including 3. Users can also use the interface to mark emails as spam or ham. If you have selected during configure dsapm one storage driver then you don’t need to rspam in dspam. Thus, a token of 5 words will have a much greater weight than a token of only one word, according to the formula: Comment 7 Gary Funck To start the daemon as user ‘dspam’, the Debian standard method is to use start-stop-daemon, as follows:.


However, to configure the way back, we have to open a new service in master.

The kind served in vaguely rectangular boxes and is the color of ham. DSPAM exports a confidence value of the result produced.

DSPAM Project Homepage

Support for a variety of storage implementations. P robability of the message being spam. To use it, set the following parameter in dspam. In May Jonathan allowed the rights of the dspam to be acquired by Sensory Networks. It is the principle of vaccination, and allows a user having received spam not detected to inform all other users that this message is spam.

The daemon responds on this port, therefore, we can see what happens when trying to send an email:. It is Fedora’s policy to close all bug reports from releases that are no longer maintained.

This is done using the command below: