Saeed Nesarian January 20, at The version 02 it is not tested against negative temperatures too. Hello, you could setup multiple PIN using array, and a struct, like it is done here: Alex T November 18, at Solution is very simple, just put line high and wait ms after start of temp conversion:

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I am using avr-gcc. Franco Prosdocimo September 14, at 7: Is the setting correct?? You could also take a look to the Arduino library you are using, and see if there are differences between this and the Arduino code.

Hi, library doesn’t work when using parasite mode. Hello, tested with negative temperature, version 01 does not works.

Davide Gironi: A DS18B20 1-wire digital thermometer AVR ATmega library

Oscar August 25, at 9: As soon as possible I will check this. Take a look here: Davide Gironi August 25, at 8: Thank you for the library. Saeed Nesarian January 20, at After a short look at the datasheet, I have increased the delays between bytes, from 1us to 2us and everything went fine.


Ds1280 Gironi February 4, at 9: To have an idea on how to manage multiple output you can take a look at the code of the dcmotor library 01 you can find here: Unfortunately I don’t have a scope to check that.

Are you using avr-gcc as compiler?

Davide Gironi April 21, at Andrew I June 22, at 5: Davide Gironi September 9, at 9: It could an incorrect timing problem. My mcu dz1820 16Mhz, what do I need to change in delay.

Are there any other possible sources of the error? Thank you, problem solved. Are you using the same power supply of the micro?

Alex T November 17, at This value is obviously not reflecting a temperature, but have yet to find a resolution. Hello, it should, but i’ve never try it with negative temperatures.

How to interface DS18B20 with AVR ATmega8

Davide Gironi November 11, at 1: Davide Gironi February 26, at 7: Davide, I fixed the error. Oscar August 25, at 2: It’s a matter of how it’s configured. Purtroppo la porta seriale mi indica un valore che vs1820 dai 2. The temperature sensor is connected to a display and it reads Davide Gironi July 6, at 9: