So long as the Registered user name remains the same, this key will work for you. If you select “Scan All Pages” the number of pages is set to zero. Added a Maximum Deskew Angle to Deskew filters. We’ve modified the ScanTango license to explicitly allow you to purchase one copy and install the application on both a primary and secondary i. Imagescan Pro I Duplex Scanner. As you can see, we have changed to a drag and drop install – this should eliminate permissions problems experienced by some users with our previous method using the Apple Installer application.

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Epson Perfection V Pro scanner. This allows you to set the maximum detected skew angle that will result in a deskew operation.

The main Sierra problems surround window updating when interacting with PDF documents – no user interface drawing is performed when doing things like selecting an area for clipping or cropping although the area is actually selected. Formerly, unregistered copies of ScanTango would not attempt to use a supported scanner until the software was registered. Scanners that have setup tips available will see a ‘Show Setup Tips’ button in the scanner setup dialog. rocketport

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Support for the M mac model will be added when the hardware is released. Added a new Preference that allows users to select the owner of saved PDF files. We changed the way we handle registrations and demos. Every PDF we have tried has opened in less than 3 seconds. This scanner can scan black and white, grayscale, and color at resolutions from 75 to dpi at speeds up to 18 pages per minute.


A speckle is defined as a single black pixel completely surrounded by white or a single white pixel completely surrounded by black. HP ScanJet – Flatbed scanner – 8. New ScanTango users will have a starting filter created for them under the Filters tab on the Configuration palette. Now you can more easily take ScanTango on the road. Alestron Inc – Manufacturer Part Number: Until then, only the emulated Demo Scanner was available. This is the default setting.

Our download files are standard “drag install” disk images containing a properly signed application. This filter – also available for use interactively after scan – can be very useful if you scan documents with mixed-size pages.

Ambir DocketPort 465 USB Mini Scanner Includes Driver and Software

The Index tab shows the PDF table of contents links, when present. Single Page, Facing Pages, and Continuous. This fixes a folder write permission problem reported by several users. Fixed a bug that caused E-mailing of PDF files to fail email attachment would have an incorrect.


The latest version of ScanTango v1. The message is removed instantly upon registration for the needed scanner tier. This can significantly improve odcketport appearance of grayscale and color images. Index, Search, and Pages. When scanning a docketpoet that contains completely black areas the calibration sheet for examplethis can cause the scanner to incorrectly believe it has reached the end of the page.

In other words, ScanTango wasn’t waiting long enough in some cases for replies from the scanner before signaling an error.

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This version introduces a new licensing method using max name instead of the old “Host ID”. Once we have received that notification, we create a key using your name. If your scanner is working fine, you shouldn’t turn this on as it creates an ever-expanding text dockerport “ScanTangoDebug.

No External Power Adapter. For the DEMO scanner, there is a special function that allows selection of the source folder for demo images. Our driver enhances that to allow 75,, and in grayscale, color, and black and white.