If this entry or the entire column is missing, the text is the same as the value. Primary key, non-localized token, must match identifier in cabinet. B5O Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. The horizontal coordinate of the upper left corner of the bounding rectangle of the radio button. Integer containing bit flags representing file attributes with the decimal value of each bit position in parentheses Foreign key referencing Component that controls the file.

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This is the Qualifier for ProvideComponentIndirect. Localizable text to display when condition fails and install must abort. This name must be unique within a dialog, but can repeat on different dialogs. Download All Memory Strings 6.

The help strings used with the button. GE8 Ansi based on Dl-bs004 File pusetup. All the items tied to the same property become part of the same listbox. Power Update Setup, Author: Assuming that the system font is set to 12 point size, this is equivalent to the point size. This link defines the tab order of the controls.


O C Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. Pr6j Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup.

Hitting return is equivalent to pushing this button. Domain Address Registrar Country www.

J Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. Foreign key into the Feature table. The integers do not have to be consecutive. RemoveThe list of features to remove when uninstalling a product from this set. ShortcutThe command-line arguments for the shortcut. The language of the library. AC7[ Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. INI file name in which to dvg the informationPrimary key, non-localized token.

Foreign key into Feature table.

Digital Video Recorder DVR – Samsung Communications Centre

LanguageID of module with exclusion requirement. ModuleDependencyModule requiring the dependency. M Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. RadioButtonThe height of the button.

DVR Recorder Security Solution

HelpThe help strings used with the button. Foreign key into the File table denoting the module that needs to be registered. Kf7 Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. The localized version of the string. WildCardFilenameName of the file to be removed. If there is more than one billboard corresponding to an action they will be shown in the order defined by this column. Dzy Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup.


A bit word that dvrr the attribute flags to be applied to this dialog. Version of the module.