For example, write protection makes a device suitable for repairing virus -contaminated host computers without the risk of infecting a USB flash drive itself. The password can then be changed, or it may be possible to crack the password with a password cracking program and gain full control over the computer. Product Condition Seller Description. The drive may be blank, or preloaded with graphics, documentation, web links, Flash animation or other multimedia , and free or demonstration software. Pua Khein-Seng from Malaysia has been credited with this invention.

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Flash drives are often measured by the rate at which they transfer data. Such warranties should make the device more attractive for more applications.

Compaq 32 MB DiskonKey USB Flash Drive

The system is designed so the target machine will not operate except when the flash drive device is plugged into it. For computers set up to be diskonkwy from a USB diskoniey, it is possible to use a flash drive containing a bootable portable operating system to access the files of the computer, even if the computer is password protected.

Audio tape cassettes and high-capacity floppy disks e. This technology is termed FlashCP. The drive may be blank, or preloaded with graphics, documentation, web links, Flash diskonke or other multimediaand free or demonstration software. As a consequence, some diskoonkey have added encryption hardware to their drives, although software encryption systems which can be used in conjunction with any mass storage medium will achieve the same result. The quality control of some manufacturers does not ensure a proper solder temperature, further weakening the stress point.


Both corporate and public computers are vulnerable to riskonkey connecting a flash drive to a free USB port and using malicious software such as keyboard loggers or packet sniffers. Channel Five ‘s Gadget Show cooked one of these flash drives with propane, froze it with dry icesubmerged it in various acidic liquids, ran over it with a jeep and fired it against a wall with a mortar. SD cards serve as a good alternative to USB drives since they can be inserted flush.

Flash drives also store data densely compared to many removable media. Like flash drives, hard disks also suffer from file fragmentationwhich can reduce access speed.

Some of these players are true USB flash drives as well as music players; others do not support general-purpose data storage. U3 also provides a dkskonkey framework for independent software vendors interested in their platform. Most current PC firmware permits booting from a USB drive, allowing the launch of an operating system from a bootable flash drive. For example, write protection makes a device suitable for repairing virus -contaminated host computers without the risk of infecting a USB flash drive itself.

Such dual-partition drives are more expensive. Reply buyers requirements – Access thousand of wanted posting each month.

Third generation USB flash drives were announced in late and became available in Retrieved 22 December Leaving such a flash drive out to dry completely before allowing current to run through it has been known to result in a working drive with no future problems. Computers access modern [update] flash memory systems very much like hard disk drives, where the controller system has full control over where information is actually stored.


Most fingerprint scanning drives rely upon the host operating system to validate the fingerprint via a software driver, often restricting the drive to Microsoft Windows computers. By Aaron Fin Sep 9 Sep 9. However, some manufacturers produce discreet flash drives that do not stick out, and others use a solid metal uni-body that has no easily discernible stress point.

Archived from the original on March 5, Many drives made today do not support Mount Rainier, and many older operating systems such as Windows XP and below, and Linux kernels older than 2.

M-Systems DiskOnKey – USB flash drive – 16 MB Overview – CNET

Flash memory cardse. Counterfeit USB flash drives are sometimes sold with claims of having higher capacities than they actually have. While use of flash drives is common, the drive must be Linux compatible. Search for Repair Companies Find IT and telecom service centers, recyclers, asset recovery centers, testing companies and dealers that service equipment and offer Industry Services.

Broadcast a Want to Buy to our suppliers and let them compete for your business Choose Product Category Or choose door No. Some computers can boot up from flash drives. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat