Here is my question. Have you read the. Can I remove it right after I install the game? Especially by considering last events. Then you play for how long? The guy asked a question that some chose to answer well, while others put him on the defensive – I’m just not sure how right that is.

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Windows 10 is supported by different protection versions

May 6, at 3: There will be three Disabpe items. It will help you to diagnose the problem and solve it faster. Device removal Go into the device manager and show non-plug and play devices. Remember – not all programs are protected with driver.

Boycott Starforce

How many times do I need to say that? Especially by considering last events.

They only care for money. I was simply going to emphasise the fact that none of us should be replying to this thread in criticism for MTLance’s reasons. Does this mean I can play a game with Starforce Protection, like Killswitch, then remove Starforce and all diable be fine?

Plus my CD’s are at the top stairs which all CD’s are kept there because of limited space in house. Still want to buy such games protected by starforce? Starforce has received criticism for installing its own device driver onto computers.


Talk about it

If you like this post then consider sharing it with others. The guy asked a question that some chose to answer well, while others put him on the defensive – I’m just not sure how right that is. I got an extrenal DVD Reader but belongs to my parents.

Check driver status – check if the protection driver is installed for the application. Telling him it’s his own problem, to me, fundamentally contradicts the spirit of online forums in general – especially ones in which people are asking for help.

It was built in So I use only to create a song in 70 sec. May I remind you of the forum rules http: Obviosly its not happening to every single system, But to state that the PC is at fault because you have no issue is pure ignorance.

The PC is also running fine doing dieable else, only time it plays up is when trying to play a StarForce game. For your information, the domain onlinesecurity-on.

Windows 7 support – StarForce Support

You only play them one at a time – tell me how you play several at once? There is a Starforce Cleaner Utility that has worked for some. Get real MT, inserting the CD won’t scratch it, leaving it lying around in amongst all your junk does that. Hi guysthis article will tell you how to remove starforce protection driver from your PC What is Starforce Starforce is a software copy protection tool installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications.


You see, to create this program you need deep expert knowledge of disabl architecture and as you see, we have it, else this program wouldn’t exist. Here’s the deal, to lazy to insert the disc and find it. Everyone uses this excuse, its been heard a thousand times.

If you, as game developer or distributer, bring your software, games or updates to users you have to take into account, that even with update of starforce protection the compability of your software will disbale sink instead expected improvements. The amount of money I spend on games in a year has dropped massivly due to all this crap, The fact that it doesn’t bother some doesn’t mean its not a legitimate gripe.

I’d suggest googling for “Bypass starforce”. Did any one know that I’m using very slow CD-Rom? Well good for you guys if you had any problem with StarForce games.