Multiple Bypass Paper Empty Sensor 2. The coupling is turned by the motor, which turns the Toner Bottle. Remove the Right Roller. Remove the harness from one edge cover and one wiring saddle. Setting Description 1 Copy per 1 copy cycle. Toner Replenishing Motor malfunct

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PC32 Master Board copier: Installation of the Mechanical Counter Option 1. Page 9 Job Tray JS Remove the control panel, Rear Cover, and Right Cover. ID Adjustment To stabilize image density.

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There is no possibility of danger from a laser, provided the machine is serviced according to the instruction in this manual. Toner Replenishing Control Page 45 – deve,op Troubleshooting Procedures By Malfunction Code Paper Take Up Mechanism Page 52 – Removal of the Control Board 1. Laser Safety Label The copier then knows that the drawer has been slid in position.


Image Processing Process 1. Using a brush, whisk dust and dirt off the surface of the Developer Scattering Prevention Plate.

Toner for Develop D 1531 ID

This manual also for: Remove four screws and the Master Board. Page 87 Application of Toner Misfeed Detection Sensor Layout Multiple Bypass Section Black streaks or bands 6. Snap off one C-ring from the front side of the pul- ley assy.

Pc Drum Cleaning Section Remove three screws and the Developer Scatter- ing Prevention Plate. Ddvelop have an account? T 11 Gradation reproduction failure Turn the holder in the rear in the direction of the arrow to remove it from the side bracket. Fusing Heater Lamp H1 3.

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Cleaning of deevlop CCD Sensor 1. Using a brush, whisk dust and dirt off the Paper Dust Remover. Hook the spring onto the cable hook and hook the spring onto the frame. Unplug three connectors from the High Voltage Unit and remove the harness from one wiring saddle.


Remove two screws at the front of the IU.

Enter the code number corresponding to the function to be used from the Key Pad. It is used when the PH Unit has been replaced. Slide out the 1st Tray.