If you do not know whether your application sends PostScript R files to the printer and therefore whether the printer may require the PostScript Upgrade Kit , consult your application software and its documentation. Load the color print cartridges into the carriage on the left side of the printer. If in doubt, try the above suggestions. Remove the end cap from the top of the spindle, and slide the new roll onto the spindle. For example, from the command line of a shell, type:. Do not touch the stainless steel strip that runs the length of the printer behind the cartridge carriage; its edge is very sharp. HP [1] or HP [1].

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If your printer has only one memory module, it must be desigmjet slot number 3. Open the roll cover and remove the empty spindle by pulling firmly on each end. Inspect the printer itself and the above accessories. In most cases, you do not need to add the printer for each individual software application just once for all Microsoft Windows applications, for example. Create a directory for print spooling.

How To: Configure the HP DesignJet 750c and 755cm for use with ArcGIS

Except on glossy media types, the printer will operate successfully in monochrome with just the black cartridge loaded; these instructions assume that you are loading all four cartridges.


Load the black print cartridge into the carriage on the left side of the printer. Watch the front-panel display for further instructions.

Press the down arrow until you find Language or Lang and press Enter. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

For details on software versions that are supported, see the documentation included with them. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Your choice of orientation is significant when sending a plot from your software, but for the moment it does not matter. Add this printer to the device list in the software. Please compqtible again in a few minutes. When using HP Coated Paper, you do not need to wait.

HP Designjet C Plus Printer – HP Jetdirect Card Compatibility | HP® Customer Support

You know whether to connect the printer directly to your computer or to a network and whether to use the parallel or serial interface, and you already have the right cable.

A series of dialog boxes usually appear, where you can specify such items as default media type or print quality.

Basic terminology Application software: Below are the settings that need consideration when printing with ArcGIS. If designnjet, some general advice follows:. Set up the printer.

HP Designjet 750C Plus Printer – HP Jetdirect Card Compatibility

To load roll media, start with step 1 below. Keep fingers clear of the cutting path.

You must assign a name to each printer or compaatible managed by the print spooler. Press down lightly and push the cartridge away from you until it snaps into place.


Make sure the media lever is down and the roll cover is closed. If the media stop falls off, push it back in until it snaps into position. Now that the cartridges are loaded, never turn the printer upside down, or ink will spill.

Print a demonstration plot 750f Before you connect your printer to a computer, it is designjst good idea to print one of the internal sample plots. Use the media cutting knife in the pocket located at the back of the printer to cut off the first few inches of the media. The two slots on the right are for memory expansion modules.

Refer to your Sun documentation for details. To load a sheet You can load a sheet in either portrait or landscape orientation. The factory default configuration is always available as well, giving you up to three stored configurations compatiblr choose from. Before handling a memory module, either attach a grounding wrist strap to the metal chassis of the printer, or touch the outer metal surface of the printer with your hand.