Part IV – Delphi, the Internet, and a. What really matters for the SQLConnection component is the value of its properties. What really matters for the SQLConnection component is the value of its properties. Technically, some of the moving operations call the CheckBiDirectional internal function and eventually raise an exception. Part I – Foundations. The dropdown box was empty. Full control 3 Admins:

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Once LibraryName and VendorLib have been set, your application does not need to rely on dbxdrivers.

The CommandType property determines one of the three access modes. At run time, your program will rely on the properties to have all the required information, so you don’t need to deploy the two INI files along with your programs.

The particular parameters you need depend on the database server you are using. The Params property is a string list that lists name-value pairs.

It was not in the Components Install packages dialog listing. As an sqlconbection, this is the portion for the default IBLocal definition:. At design time, this provides a handy technique which has the same effect as reselecting the connectionbut using it at run time means you’ll also have to deploy the connections.

delphi 6 and devart dbx driver – Devart Forums

Once you have defined the connection name, you can identify a database connection by simply setting the ConnectionName property to a valid connection name. Thank you so much for your guiding hand.

Summary sqlconneciton what happened: This is a string list including information such as the database name, the user name and password, and so on. Driver and vendor libraries are listed in properties you can freely change at design time although you’ll rarely want to do this swlconnection, while the database and other database-specific connection settings are specified in the Params properties.


I then downloaded the dbExpress Driver for Oracle, using the link you supplied to me.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection – video dailymotion

You can set up a driver using the list of values available for the DriverName property and then select a predefined connection by selecting one of the values available in the ConnectionName property. The possible values are ctQuery, ctStoredProc, and ctTable, which determine sqlcinnection value of the CommandText property and also the behavior of the related property editor in the Object Inspector.

This editor lists, on the left side, all of the predefined connections, for a specific driver or all of them, and allows you to edit the connection properties using the grid on the right. In practice, you could set up a SQLConnection component by setting up the driver and then assigning the database name directly in the Params property, forgetting about the predefined connection.

In addition to this issue, the component has other limitations, including difficulty manipulating the dataset fields of the data access dataset which is important for setting key fields and can affect the way updates are generated and unavailability of some provider events.

This way, when you need to access the same database from another application or another connection within the same application, all you need to do is select the connection. Full control 3 Admins: Note that if you change any settings, the data is immediately written to the configuration files—clicking the Cancel button doesn’t undo your editing!


Instead of hooking up an existing connection, you can define a new one or see the details of the existing connections by double-clicking the SQLConnection component and launching the dbExpress Connection Editor Figure If you read the entire drivers.

However, with the third block of code ‘DevartOracleDirect’I receved this different exception: In the ‘Connect as’ dropdown box, three values are listed: At design time, your application loads the DriverName and Params from the design-time version of dbxconnections.

Here is the result of changing the Oracle Connection Home: As you can see by comparing the two listings, this is a subset of the parameters of the driver.

Self Publishing a Book The Easy Way This comprehensive guide will present you with a variety of self-publishing options and explore their viability. If you read the entire drivers.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection

The connection describes the physical database you want to connect to. The component is meant to be a helper—you need only one component instead of four which must also be connected. In this respect, the predefined connections are very different from the BDE aliases. However, since this operation copies the connection data, notice that updating the connection doesn’t automatically refresh the values within other SQLConnection components referring to the same named connection: Discussion forums for open issues and questions concerning database tools, eqlconnection access components and developer tools from Devart.