Thu Nov 29, 4: Fri Nov 30, Thu Nov 29, 9: The pin out is easy to understand because all the necessary connection points pop straight out the back of the PCB that they are mounted on. Kingdom of the East Seaxe Registered: Besides, if you are planning on keeping all the other parts of the Dell video card, HD, etc.

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New motherboard for Dell Dimension XPS – Ars Technica OpenForum

The pin out is easy to understand because all the necessary connection points pop straight out the back of the PCB that they are mounted on. Thu Nov 29, 9: Also would like a recommendation on a power supply.

The CD drive is old and slow, the hdd is also old and slow, and opinions on the video card have already been raised. Derodeo Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Mar 8, Posts: But your power supply would drive it but it has to be standard ATX.

You can salvage the floppy drive and the cdrom. Jul 5, Posts: Unless you are massively fond of the case, or you need to do a stealth upgrade, you are going to throw away far more than you end up using.


I was given a gateway case, no PS in it, but a nice sturdy case.

So now I’ll be getting a new case and take my chances with the wife. I really need to know. But that’s probably only worth it if motherboarv have saldering equipment and new connectors on hand.

If its a standard ATX case you can use it but the power supply wont be powerful enough for many of today’s processors.

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Thu Nov 29, 4: Nov 29, Posts: I was just considering putting a new motherboard into my Dell XPS D case it’s still a pretty decent case – made by Palo Alto I motherbaord and I also happen to have a good extra power supply but my real reason was so the wife wouldn’t see another new computer Thu Nov 29, 5: Thu Nov 29, 6: Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. I would sell it as a working unit, and use the money you raise to get a bare-bones system, and build something far faster, and newer.

Kingdom of the East Seaxe Registered: I had to dremel the PS space a bit to make it fit, and the connector for the lights was a single block – so I popped the wires out of the block, wrapped tape around the copper connectors, and directly connected them to the board – ten minute task. Sep 10, Posts: As I am not that familiar with the form factors ATX and such I would like to know what motherboard if any would fit that case.


Heh, I also don’t own a soldering gun. Oct 25, Posts: Thu Nov 29, Laner Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: I believe they are ATX, but you really won’t save much by using the Dell case.

But then you could pop an AMD into an old Dell system for the ultimate in irony. Oct 3, Posts: If you are willing to settle for about MHz you may be able to find an older Socket board with an Intel BX chipset used. Thu Nov 29, 3: Are you looking to scrounge up parts and do this real cheap?

I gave the result to my teenager, who is rather proud of my Gatewaythan runs at mhz