The computer hardly gets warm and usually works quietly or even silently. Outdoor use on an overcast day. The necessary mounting frame is also included. However, it cannot keep up with those of the ThinkPad series. Competition is not lacking. Lenovo refers to a dual battery function.

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We measured a maximum idle power consumption of 9.

Lenovo V510-15IKB (7200U, Full-HD) Laptop Review

Here are a few examples: In addition, the right shift key is very small. Our practical Wi-Fi test simulates the load needed to open websites via a script.

They produce a slightly tinny sound, which you will not enjoy listening to for very long. The computer does not get particularly hot.

Del, Lenovo delivers a very decent keyboard, which is suitable for frequent typing. Temperature development upper side idle. The connectivity does not bring surprises.

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Moving jpg files about 5 MB each is done at Dell Del Intel Core iU. It is primarily suitable for use at the desk. Temperature development upper side load. Lenovo used a black plastic case in the VIKB. It is also responsive in the corners. During normal use, the processor does not use its Turbo to capacity. Hence, the screen can be read from every position.


The dual-channel RAM has a positive impact here; it ensures that the graphics core is used more v50 and therefore it can deliver higher performance.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. However, this did not prove to be disturbing. The transfer rates of the SSD are good.

Our test model does not have this port and it can also not be added after purchase. The rate climbed to about According to the maintenance guide, there should be port for a second battery left of the optical drive. The preinstalled Windows 10 Pro operating system increases the price of the computer.

The battery is fixed. Lenovo refers to a dual battery function. The card reader of the VIKB works slowly. It is well equipped: The computer lacks a maintenance hatch. The Turbo is used in mains operation and on battery.

Lenovo VIKB (U, Full-HD) Laptop Review – Reviews

Lenovo says on the website of the VIKB that you could add a second battery to the computer instead of the optical drive. The brightness should be higher. The DeltaE shift is 5. The ports are on a level with the wrist rest.


This means that the measured response time is worse than the average of all tested devices