The 15″ “Premium” line was the 8 series, until the E-series merged this line with the 6 series Model numbers being along the lines of C8x0 or D8x0. You currently have javascript disabled. You can find some that originated in the United States, but those were special ordered over the phone. As a result, not much information about specific chipsets, graphics chip options If there were any , or any other features can be found online for specifying details. The models are the D4x0

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That fixed the problem.

This article needs to be updated. The computer industry at the time had just switched to lead free solders broadckm redesigning cooling systems. A lid clasp as opposed to a magnetic latching systemDisplayPort video out as opposed to HDMIand support for legacy standards are all results of the requirements of the business market.

As of FebruaryLatitude computers are available in three series: Yours is a later driver so I am not sure what broacom be done until Broadcom comes out with another update on their website. Dell used the “E-series” name up through the models, and new models drop the “E. The latest driver from the 5th of August applies for the second network adapter that I have, but will not cover the standard network adapter.

Losing internet connection after installing Windows 10

Doesn’t it seem weird that there’s no real model number for my Ethernet adapter? It has no option to expand to stereo without using external speakers or headphones.


However, I just downgraded my driver version to an older one before that, to see if that helps. There are even known cases of “mixed-mode” samples of the latter, where the Dell-recorded type according to the service tag and markings differs from the BIOS-reported type with an identical service tag.

Most Nvidia models will suffer from early failure of the graphics chip due to the switch broaddcom lead-free solder and “underfill” of the BGA. An interesting note on the C is that it was the last Dell notebook along with its sister models the Inspiron and Precision M50 to have both a “fixed” optical drive as well as a modular bay, making it a “three-spindle” notebook.

You are connected via Ethernet, correct?

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript broadxom. In the past, the “mainstream” line broadclm the 6 series, being the C6x0, D6x0, and E64x0 lines, but as of this line has been discontinued and replaced by both the 5 series and the 7 series. I have the same base rig, but have done extensive upgrades. Condobloke, I believe the driver I linked to solved his problem. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Losing internet connection after installing Windows 10 – Page 2 – Windows 10 Support

Budget models intended for education or home office environments, available in The D8x0 series models roughly parallel the technology in the D6x0 models other than for dlel size; they do not share a battery form factor with the D6x0 series. It was initially sold with Intel integrated graphics, but an option to upgrade to a discrete Nvidia GPU became available after a few months.


Posted 07 August – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These were Dell’s first business-oriented notebooks based on the Pentium-M processor. The later adapter had the Broadcom Windows 10 driver available while the original Dell adapter does not and probably never will.

Broadcom 57xx Gigabit Controller Wireless: The D and D are It seems that more people with the same computer model Dell XPS with a Broadcom network adapter have the same cell. This was mostly due to temperature fluctuation but the graphics chips also ran much hotter than they were meant to. Up to this date Dell does not have a clear solution to this problem. Deell previous series is the Latitude D-series, on the Dx30 revision.

N00b Dell question about Broadcom 570x Gigabit Integrated Controller

I’ve forgotten my password. The D series, despite having more room for cooling the chip, suffered from the same issue. Meanwhile, keep looking out on Dell’s website for a new driver for this old adapter in the future, however it might never be updated though. A Class Action Lawsuit settlement by NVidia was reached where certain Dell models were provided with replacement motherboards at no expense.