Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Define the number of cartridge slots in the library. Run tape inventory job again Will very depending on your storage I suspect. You actually have a usable tape drive and library now. I did this on the Veeam Backup server. You may also like.

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Install / Config of HPE StoreOnce VTL and connecting it to Veeam

The default number of drives is determined by genfric Emulation Type selected. And a final summary showing the status of the installation. Enables deduplication if the check box is selected default ; unselect to create a non-deduplication library. In this case the emulation offers a convenient replacement or integration with an existing ecosystem.

Make sure you can easily access them from your backup server. Naturally the network connectivity plays a big role as well. The emulation in this case offers the most important steps when it comes down to the daily operations and management of the standard components including Tape Libraries, Tape Drives, Cartridges and a lot more.

The screenshot shows the quick installation process. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Tape cartridge capacities can be increased at any time Drive emulation but not decreasedas long as the cartridge is blank, regardless of the drive emulation generation number. Of course when connecting to the Backup Server it is possible to manage the other aspects like the management of Media Pools, Media Sets, the retention, the encryption and a lot more. Bits Thanks to HPE reaching out I was told you can use this linkand create an account and download the bits.

HP StoreOnce Backup User Manual | Page 25 /

DP autoinitialised media with some data on it. Library Name The emulation type of the library.

Because the answer to your question is: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In my case, I change to Time and Date. Not an IT pro? Enables configuration of the barcodes for the library to display six or eight characters. So to the issue You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Will very depending on your storage I suspect. If the 6—character barcode is selected, the StoreOnce Backup system will truncate to the top six characters, removing the top two characters of an 8—character barcode, i. The next screen is the last one, and it has a check box enabled that means to start the tape library inventory.


Both offer the option to store long term data in VTL on premise, offsite and even in the cloud with S3, Glacier and other offerings as well.

DPM back up tape inventory issues

And a summary of the installation progress. I used to have a few, including a DAT but no more. Everything that was found – tried already. ID Technical information is the following: Delete a library page Thanks for that info Rick! Each tape is 10GB totalling 80GB of raw space.

HP StoreOnce Backup User Manual

Generlc Contributors Last 30 Days. Now you have to select the drive, and the changer, and update the driver. If Encryption Enabled Libraries page The Edit button is the bottom right of the UI.