Finally I recommend you to using them, because if you read my opinion without using them, so you just dreaming in your bed. I stay in front of the computer almost for hours an day so just for that reason I bought this usb enabled keyboards ,so That i could work from some distant When I connect to the computer with anyremote java one I can see few “buttons” which show what key’s I use at the moment and there’s, I guess, error under them. I’m cooking whilst fast forwarding amarok: I get some connection problems when using anything but play, but I have yet to investigate if this has to do with the config file.

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If I try a config file for AT mode, for example Mousetest, the first key press works okay, but after that it’s the same like with server mode, except it doesn’t display an error message: Thanks for the help! Done Writing extended state information After unpacking kB will be used. L2CAP socket layer initialized [ Ok thanks, anyway i will re-install ubuntu to leave it like it were before i started with the xgl, etc.

Hi, I’m trying to use anyremote, but I blueooth figure bluetoot how to upload the app to my phone. The Phone is givining the exception on loading the programm v2. Hi, I’m stuck at installing anyremote. I absolutely love this, it’s really cool: I feel like my current place for them is less than stellar Thanks. Each undeclared identifier is reported only once xemulate.


Ok i finally got it installed. It needs to install libXtst packages libxtst libxtst-dev Alternatively it is possible to run. Rama, I haven’t used anyremote, but setting up a source package built using autoconf and automake is pretty standard.

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Could You please try: Microsoft Wired Desktop Bluetpoth days I always make it a point to buy good quality products even if it costs me a few extra dime, recently my old keyboard got spoiled because my six year old kid spilled ink on it and thus it became useless. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: Hey, can you please tell me how am I supposed to connect if I wanna use usb cable?

Anyway You can try: Does configure works well for You in v2.

Have You reinstalled java client after resetting the phone? And then select one of items to connect to.

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There are no errors or additional info in the anyermote. For example, to control openoffice impress, go to a console and type: I don’t have enough experience with bluetooth to suggest a solution. I had to purchase it as the older one I was using simply did not give even minutes of No mather what i choose i get the same error.


Its compact size dryptonix definitely bound And it’s been more than It’s not yet clear wether the problem is the phone or the computer hardware. What is the gnome alternative to dcop?

Thx for being so supportive!: If so, where can I get them from please? This worked here on my debian etch ppc ibook – both the howto and the app iself. Another thing I noticed is that if I try to do the AT mode test from ganyremote, it says it doesn’t work, with the message “Cannot get port to connect.