I was able to “fix” this error by uninstalling and reinstalling the software, which worked for one burn session, and then right back to it’s current problem. Download a program called AquaISO I have assumed, maybe incorrectly, that if one created a disk image version AND wanted the CD to be a bootable CD with a copy of the MacOS on it, one couldn’t use the disk image method. Am I just wasting my time here and should just give up trying to have a CD burner here? Store by Solid Cactus. But after using Hotburn and Roxio sortly after, I wasn’t able to use iTunes to burn.

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Internal SCSI CDRW/Rewrite Drive

If you have a friend who can loan you an external drive that would be a good way to test this out. What about replacing the internal ide cd drom drive with an internal ide cdrw drive. You can now download USB Overdrive 1. Improperly installed product may void the warranty. My disk burning needs have become less and less while Toast has become worse and worse, with high priced yearly upgrades on top of it.


Thanks for the suggestions. Elander on May 07, ’01 The disc was apparently readable by my Sony DVD player. I tried this on three different burners on two new Macs and a Sony external FW burner with the same result. Posted on Oct 14, 3: Your success in burning with the other application is not a shock.

An error code list would be nice and I’ve found some on Apple’s site and elsewhere.

External drives are inexpensive and most are better quality than Apple’s superdrives. Anyone seen this bit of business?

Yamaha CRW4416S Internal SCSI 4X CDR/RW

How do I replace my KeyBoard once I get it? This has been the most popular topic in the history of the Miscellaneous Ramblings column; earlier versions have been viewed overtimes. I did manage to copy some photos on to DVD via Toast as a test. Links last 2 weeks No recent new links What’s New in the Forums? Reply Helpful Thread cdw4416s – more options Link to this Post.

Medium Error 0X0C With Toast – Toast 11 – Roxio Community

This should make it perform better with the newer Macs and OS. Click here to return to the ‘Use an unsupported burner in iTunes’ hint. Posted August 8, It seems like when I was running on 9.


Sign in Already have an account? Vendor 0 Drive Version: It works with Toast 4. Sign up for a new account in our community. After clicking OK, Toast tells me that the disc failed to be written but then tells me to take it out and label it.

We want to help maximize the ,ac of your Apple gear.

I’m running Mac OSX Try making a disc image of your DVD with Toast, then burning that disc image with other software, e. I need to test on my Mac Pro at work. Every version of Mac OS X through SCSI installation can be slightly confusing for beginners.