U Setting the destination Description Switches the operations and screens of the machine according to the destination. Pressure is applied by the fixing unit pressure springs so that the toner on the paper is melted, fused and fixed onto the paper. U F-code based relay reception was interrupted because of a mismatch in the specified F-code relay box number. Purpose According to user request, sets or cancels restriction on the number of sheets. Insert the power plug into the wall outlet. G Copy exposure adjustment keys Press the start key. U Setting the T2 time-out time cont.

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Insert the power plug into the wall outlet. Remove the image formation unit see page Drum separation claw assemblies Purpose Used if margins are not correct when the optional DF is used.

Copystar CS OEM Toner Cartridge – 11, Pages – QuikShip Toner

U Turning the exposure lamp on Description Turns the exposure lamp on. Adjustment copustar copy exposure indicator Exp. Refit the image formation unit using the two screws.

Procedure Scanner leading edge registration Start Terminals CN Voltage Remarks73, 75 3.

After replacing the process unit, turn the power switch off and then on. U Setting the fixing control temperature Description Changes the fixing control temperature. Argy can move a dance floor of copyshar bodies with house music without resorting to the hands-in-the-air syncopated beats that often have wailing house divas behind them.


U Setting the drum type Description Sets or checks the drum type. Open the bypass tray and paper conveying Left registration roller unit.

Copystar CS-2030 Copier (022AX609)

When paper reaches the fixing section after the transfer process, it passes between the press roller and heat roller, which is heated by the fixing heater FH. X mm Start Enter maintenance mode.

Purpose To 200 the automatically set toner sensor control voltage. Open the bypass tray, paper conveying unit Connector and front cover, and then remove the toner cartridge and waste toner tank. Fulcrum of the drawer lift Drawer spacers Figure Rear cursor 9. Figure Intermediate tray section 1 Intermediate tray 3 Rear side registration cursor 2 Front side registration cursor You need to first work out the paper path, so mark one piece of paper with an arrow showing the top and the direction the sheet was placed on top of the paper feed tray.

Finally, you must slide the toner cartridge release-lever to the left until it stops, and then close the front cover. This setting item will be displayed, but the setting made is ineffective. Purpose To set the initial settings for the developer when installing the machine copyetar replacing the developer. According to the type of the PBX connected, select the 2003 to connect an outside call.


In duplex mode, after copying on to the reverse face of the paper, the paper is reversed in the feedshift section and conveyed to the duplex unit.

Copystar Cs | Cs :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Procedure Main scanning direction The results may be used to decide the causes for fixing unevenness uneven density of the gray area of an image: Before making the xopystar adjustment, ensure that the above adjustments have been made in maintenance mode. Controls the feedshift motor. The fax system also has features such as duplex, polling and broadcasting.

Copy exposure Description Setting range Initial setting indicator Exp. Change the setting using the numeric keys. In the TAD mode, set the time to check if there are any triggers for shifting to fax reception after a connected telephone receives 20030 call. To remove the jammed original, open the DF or the DF original cover. Purpose To change the setting according to user request.

The page yield for this toner cartridge is pages.