Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how long you feel this hardware will last and perform its function. To control the advanced functions of the mouse, Razer designed a set of high-tech drivers. You can clean the mouse sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol and then letting the sensor dry for 5 minutes before attempting to use it. My brother recently got a very nice gaming computer, and I was looking for a mouse that could keep up with his rig. I attempted to purchase the mouse on NewEgg.

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The mouse industry has been buzzing with excitement over the past few months. You may be able to find certain spare parts to keep your Razer gear in top shape from our accessories page: There is no other workaround at this time.

Razer Green Copperhead Gaming Mouse Review | TechPowerUp

The Razer Copperhead is one of the highest DPI mice available, and one of the only gaming mice to feature a Laser engine. Why does Razer require a proof of purchase? This has been helped by an ever increasing interest in computer gaming and a further acceptence of high-end computer accessories. My mouse razsr is not moving. This is a general problem with fast-user switching.


For mice with surface calibration: To clean the body of your Razer mouse please take a monitor wipe and use gentle wiping motions. Razer Copperhead Technical Specifications.

Razer Copperhead Laser Gaming Mouse Wired Tempest Blue | eBay

There is no option in the Customizer. It competed with or beat out every other mouse in terms of performance, and happened to be the one that was most comfortable to him. Their Viper mouse was a huge hit a few rzzer ago, and their Diamondback was also very well received.

I recently placed an order on the Razer Store and it still shows my order is “In Process”. Protect your mouse feet: If it does not, please reinstall the drivers. How can I modify or disassemble my Razer product?

GOP – — Not cheap — Weight cannot be customized yet. A downside of this though is that the polling rate will only be changed coppehead the system is restarted, which puts a damper on that feature.

Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Review

For example, a gamepad may not fit in your razerr as comfortably as you would expect or a monitor is not as sharp or maybe a graphics card can play games you didnt think it could Based on scores by our most trusted members. How do I set it?

Our team is currently looking into supporting this feature. Check if On-The-Fly Sensitivity works on your desktop. Contact Support Get support by phone, chat or email.


Aside from being a gaming mouse, the Copperhead is interesting because it works very well in day-to-day situtions, though this is probably the equivalent of commuting to work in a Ferrari. The added buttons give it a versatility the the three-button Viper does not have and the enhanced design makes it an improvement over the Diamondback.

I would like information on future Razer products. The discussion area is the place where you get to chat with fellow gamers and techies. Drivers are installed onto your computer and allow your rwzer to communicate with your Razer product. Where can I enter the code so I can use it to purchase products?

Check the in game options. Clean the mouse sensor: The side rails and scroll wheel glow with whatever color you buy, and stand out well. My Razer mouse is out of warranty and is not working.