Hit the “like” button to highlight great replies. All other product names and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. Wether it’s ethernet or WiFi just depends on the device. I wouldn’t think he is. If you are that installer, please PM me. Posted December 7, I don’t like Sonos hardware but agree the app is far ahead The Sonos hate cracks me up

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Sonos through Control4, playing Pandora | Sonos Community

If you haven’t purchased Sonos yet my advice would be don’t bother. The extra vegetables driver, although somewhat of a hack, worked great for us for a long time and sadly over night it’s as useless as your endorsed driver. In in the San Diego, CA area. You just changed your tune when you realized how silly it was to expect that. Probably because the integration of Control4 was not an official one? I agree, there are no obvious issues apart from the aforementioned limitations. Would like to see if I can use Ra2 Select to DIY the remaining which are somos wall switches controlling regular lamps and chandeliers.

Each navigator only has the sonos for its floor. Every time they refresh a product they build a new app that is not retrocompatible.


Control4 Integration with Sonos 7.0

Share Tweet Share 1 Share whatsapp. Now when I start the sonos with the sonos app, the amp turns the speakers on the main listening room on the floor on.

If you didn’t have any available I can’t remember now if it just wouldn’t play or would step on someone’s toes and take over a zone Or get a triad one per zone. Vodafone station Ocntrol4 unable to connect to Sonos One icon 13 minutes ago. All other product names and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

All other product names and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. I am back up and accessing Pandora directly. I was right on the verge of replacing my matrix amp with a set of Sonos connect: HEOS as many faults, but at the moment if sonos break my control of Sonos with my control 4 system, I will need to look elsewhere, hence the reason I bought the amp. Something in the update tripped it, but mine is working again after he reconnected the service.

You then proceeded to backtrack. I understand this channel isn’t their main focus now, it was a huge part in the early days, but I just don’t understand the lack of attention as a small investment in this area would have huge returns for Sonos.


Sonos grouping is best handled by the Sonos app. Why is this different then any other music service you are picking?

Related topics Amazon Echo integration? Thanks for the clarification. Not only that but I can’t even use logic “if sonos1 contro4 playing then Search in all forums Search in ‘Advanced setups’.

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This is a huge deal to our clients and is the sole reason we have moved toward HEOS. My hope is to be able to use the Sonos app to comtrol4 on and listen to music in Control4 zones.

Control4 – Sonos – Seamless Integration? – Question & Answer – c4forums | The Control4 Community

The link is now pointing to the post correctly. Use Control4 for the TVs. Sign In Sign Up. You don’t want to use Line In for TV.

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