You will not get any sort of scheduling features in C4. I would have been dramatically happier if I could have access to a programming interface and didn’t need to call out a dealer for stuff I could easily fix myself. I’ve done some online research and I haven’t seen anything recently about that. I think the concerning thing is that a person with limitless money for this sort of thing is choosing to invest elsewhere in the future should be worrisome enough. All times are GMT

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AVS Forum czrrier Contests. Thank you I have a hard time with the install on standard systems. Anytime I need to use a cloud source there is a delay. I am slightly biased, a control 4 regional rep lives around here Sign in Already have an account? Perhaps mine some bitcoin or something using your always-on device.

HouseLogix. Control4 Drivers

C4 is not a small developer. I’ll send you a PM. Based on my trials with various products, I find that the automation component of many products like lutron shades, rachio sprinkler controller, etc have gotten so much better that with a few minor tweaks for device type identification and device event triggers based on something like homekitmost of us are actually going to get plenty of automation features without having to buy an expensive system.

It is not clear to me from that doc – so is there now an API that works with any Infinity system, even if it is several years old, or is this just for newer systems? Free Generic Serial to Ethernet Driv My control4 system isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either.


Working schmucks like me don’t like to throw money around, and actually enjoy working on electronic, cars, boats and household issues. Originally Posted by NoWake Look at how simple remote previously roomie handles apple tv now Control4 has its own tstat, lighting controls and its own native music streaming services to save you from these hassles and headaches. The efficiencies gained through this type of vertical integration will be really hard to ignore.

We have ran into so many issues being stuck between home owner and control 4 that we install and sell our own WIFI control. A competent consumer should be allowed to download the pro-interface and get the job done if they choose to take the risks IMO.


We got a demo blackout shade and again it took just a couple of minutes to have Alexa telling it to go up, down or to a preset—without a tech.

The interface needs to be at least as useful to me for library management as the original interface otherwise i end up flipping around anyway. Im SO glad my Carrier system died.

If something doesn’t work for YOU that is fine but that solution works for plenty. Yes you can get around the apple tv a bit with c4, you just can’t do enough with the interface. If I was waiting on homekit I’d still be waiting.

Craftsman AssureLink Control4 Driver Other drivers from other brands still work with Sonos, but C4 as a public company is not going rouge and coming up with hack drivers that once an API changes, will break, then leave their customers in a cargier.


Perfect for controlling and monitoring devices that use one relay for on and one for off. I pretty much have that now in the form of Apple Music.

I am have been building slowly my parallel system, waiting for the tech to come out that does what my current C4 arrangement does, and slowly replacing things. Install your control 4 stats, the communicating units can be ran via traditional 24v inputs.

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I know more than the dealers on these subjects, why in the world am I beholden to them? So not really Control4’s fault. Actually, I don’t even have to do that anymore, it tells me it sees a new device infinoty would I like to use it.

Control4 is a great system for a very large home, mansion, that have owners that just pick up the phone and call “their people” to fix the problem, most likely have their credit card on file ibfinity never know or even care how much it costs.

Units are about 18 months old, if that helps ID firm wear versions.