Menu Color Menu 3. Paper Feed Roller Replace the drum cartridge at this stage. If a sheet of paper is wrapped around the fuser roller, do not try to remove it by yourself to avoid injuries or burns. Put the toner cartridge on a piece of paper to prevent toner from staining the floor or furniture.

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Hold the tray with both hands, lift the front slightly and pull it completely out of the printer. Usually, the transfer roller cartridge needs to be replaced after printing about 20, sheets.

Frequently Used Ethernet Commands Move the slide switches at both ends of the fuser unit forward. Pull out the toner cartridge.

Avoid storing near magnetic objects such as CRT screens, disk drives, or floppy disks. After moving a toner cartridge from a cold place to a warm place, allow 1 hour for the cartridge to adapt to room temperature before installing it.

Do not use excessive force on the paper tray. Connecting The Power Cord Loose toner can spill inside the printer and deteriorate print quality.


The display contains two lines of text, each with a maximum of sixteen characters. Switch off the printer before connecting the interface cable or options. Control panel pushbuttons allow you to access and view printer menus, submenus, and status messages. This alignment is done in two compuuprint However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Never touch a labeled area found on or near the fuser unit. Consumables Overview Compuprint PageMaster c User Guide Consumables Overview About this Chapter This chapter provides information about the expendables used with the printer, and also compupring handling and replacement procedures.

If the paper is torn, remove any scraps of paper remaining inside the printer. Food and Drug Administration 1600x regulations for laser products on August The specifications that apply to your printer depend on its configuration.

Toner cartridge for Compuprint Pagemaster C

When removing paper jams, make sure no pieces of paper are left inside the printer, as this can cause fire. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Prolonged exposure to these adverse conditions can cause fire or electric shocks. Pull the toner seal straight up to remove it. Slowly, completely remove the paper tray from the printer.


Toner for Compuprint Pagemaster 1600 C

Compuprint PageMaster C Fuser. Remove the top cover. Confirm that there are no scraps of paper remaining inside the printer. Available Configuration The PageMaster c printer available in the following configuration: If some stains prove difficult to remove, use a cloth moistened with a mild neutral detergent.

To protect the printer from damage, pack it in a box before transporting it.

To pagemastef electric shock, always turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet before cleaning the printer or performing maintenance procedures. Wkhuqhw 1hwzrun ,qwhuidfh 7urxeohvkrrwlqj If you have not already unpacked and installed the printer, please refer to these documents.

Use the following procedure to enter the PS Menu: Lock down the brakes of the 2 casters at the front of the High Comluprint Feeder 2 shelves as illustrated on the left 6.