Set the IR dialog you want and press OK button. Unplug the main power cord to reset VideoMate TV card. This feature converts your PC into a convenient home entertainment video appliance. However, you are only allowed to have one channel from the second tuner. Thanks for the reply, I was just calling by to say I managed to fix it in the few hours since my post and I even got to watch the new year in with the missus via media centre how thilling – the joy of having kids who’re in bed by 7pm. Verify the position of the power patch cable on the mainboard.

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This button can change modes between Live TV, display playlist and schedule list Press the button to load device and start to play live TV The buttons from left to right sides are: March 14th, 7. It just displays first eight files in the list you recorded, if there are more than eight files in folder, the ninth file or rest of files will not be display. Please enter the text in the following text field. Or you will have no TV picture at all.

Gadget Settings Settings of gadget have four parts included: Connect the black socket of Power Up patch cable to the power switch connector on the mainboard. The right-click menu also provides SmartZoom feature to auto-fit or customize video screen for different type monitors, the Aspect Ratio setting provides 4: Compro makes no warranties with respect to this documentation and disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, quality, or fitness for any particular purpose.


Compro Videomate T750F problems.

Remote Shut Down There are two situations for the operation. Choose one IR function you want to change. See Hardware Installation section above for more information. In order to solve the problem quickly, it is very important to provide as much detail as possible.

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Shutting down unnecessary software can help. To instantly start recording: Jan 1, at 2: However, you can interrupt the scanning process by pressing the Stop button.

If you see no response, please move your mouse cursor on the IR icon. Please double-click on slave window to switch program with main window in order to do so. Also you can press the mouse right button and move on the screen to shift the zoomed area of the image.

So I moved onto the bundled software and it found all analog and a load of DVB-T channels but they are unwatchable. Please see the following picture. March 18th, 9.


Therefore, you need to shut down the computer before 3: Compro TF – frontend initialization failed Thank you very much for your help Ringi. Using my favorite channel list You can click to select using my favorite channel list from option window.

Verify the position of the power patch cable on the mainboard. In the channel property settings, you can setup video color and noise reduction level, de-interlacing level for each channel noise reduction level, de-interlacing level, and sharpness setting are not suitable for digital TV. This feature cannot logon your system. Why does the remote control fail?

The difference is when the program data is not sufficient, you may see a blank screen or the video will be scrambled.

Can anyone offer any advice on the TV card issues? Please unplug it and plug it in again.

You can still use scheduled recording from Standby mode or powered on state. First, make sure you have connected the Power Up circuit correctly.