You should complete the following tasks to configure the driver: I’ve still not ventured into creating workflows yet, but perhaps you have more “tools” at your disposoal there? Enabling critical business services, better and faster We believe that providing as much control as possible to IT organizations is the only way to enable timelier and cost effective delivery of services. This file must contain values of the connected system permissions in the format specified below. Now how do I select migrate command, and specify the nodeset instead of the filename, typically used in the real command line version. Specify Hide to not use mutual authentication. Configure Resources to poll:

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Includes the additional headers that can be added to the REST request in addition to the ones nda in the resource. The connected system administrator should maintain a separate CSV file for every custom entitlement.

Ldapwiki: Dxcmd

You can select either Publish or Poll as the publisher setting. Passwords I imagine would be a special case and should be a named-password or else not available. This package contains GCVs to control the resource mapping. Say Authentication information user or password or host?


IIRC it assumes localhost: If you select Yes, use the following information to complete the configuration of the Remote Loader: The driver considers the Publisher user credentials as the basic authentication method credentials.


Contains the policies for password synchronization. NetIQ Corporation may make improvements in or changes to the software described in this document at any time. If True, allows passwords to flow from the Identity Manager data store to the connected system. Click the present in application schema. During the driver startup, the PermissionOnboarding job runs and queries the connected system for resource updates.

This option is only displayed on drivers. What format is the nodeset it is expecting?

Displays the java class name. Each driver connects to the Remote Loader on a separate port. In this example, version is the placeholder and the driver replaces this with the URL token element in the driver-operation-data element.

The driver uses the specified access token URL, ID and password for authentication when processing the request.

NetIQ REST Driver Implementation Guide

In the CSV file, the administrator must provide the entitlement values of the connected system in the specified format that includes the entitlement value, the display name and the description. Specify a password to control access to the Remote Loader.


To make the driver work, you must start the driver. After you create, deploy, and start the driver, the driver automatically reads the PermissionNameToFile mapping table.


For novelll information about creating custom entitlements, see Section 3. For a variety of reasons, when one object in the application changes, I need to migrate in a user that it is associated with. Only via generated code in ODBC. The global configuration values are organized as follows: To view the driver processing events, use DSTrace.

Driver set GCVs can be used by all drivers in the driver set. By default, it is set to Yes, which allows reconciling of all custom entitlements. Can I read a value from the dirx,l configuration?

Click the application schema. Ok, so I pass in the parameters and the driver hangs.

Select Yes or No to determine if the driver will use the Remote Loader. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you.