Follow the prompts on the screen to complete installation. The modifications you have made will be written into the CMOS memory, and the system will reboot. If the printer remains inoperative, replace the printer cable and try again. You must press the Power button to power-on the system. Make sure the correct drive type for the hard disk drive has been entered in the BIOS. Write your own review.

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DFI CMTL – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – PLET Overview – CNET

This saves time during transmission of data, subsequently increasing system performance. A jack is a onehole connecting interface for inserting a plug. Viper SmartKey unlocks cars with hands-free ease, but requires alarm Viper SmartKey unlocks cars with hands-free ease, but requires alarm by Wayne Cunningham. You may do this by using one of the 3 methods listed below.

DFI CM33-TL Manuals

If the CPU fan did not rotate immediately upon system boot-up or it took some time before the fan rotated, check whether the heatsink and fan are mounted properly onto the CPU then restart the system. About this product Product Identifiers Brand.

The CPU fan did not rotate immediately or it took some time before the fan rotated.


These settings are not optimal and turn off all high performance features. Drive A and Drive B These fields identify the types of floppy disk drives installed. The mc33 type information should be included in the documentation from your hard disk vendor. Minute displays minutes from 00 to OnChip Modem By default, this field is set to Auto – the onboard modem controller enabled. Your system supports five modes, 0 default to 4, which primarily differ in timing. The cursor will move to the screen you select allowing you to edit information.

The screen seems to be constantly wavering. The screen will also display the auto-detected information.

We do our best to fm33 store pricing and inventory amounts as they change. The default value is enabled. Enable this field if you wish to use the boot ROM instead of a disk drive to boot-up the system and access the local area network directly.

After completing the steps above and you want to power-off the computer, you do not need to go through the process of closing files, applications and operating system. Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle? HDD Power Down After the set time of system inactivity, the hard disk drive will be powered down while all other devices remain active. Please make sure they are properly inserted into their corresponding socket.


DFI CMTL User`s manual |

If you are not using this function, set this field to Disabled. It will not light when the system is in the Soft-Off state. You may be writing to the wrong drive. All, But Keyboard The system cm333 will not stop for a keyboard error; it will stop for all other errors.

Follow the prompts on the screen to complete installation. Disabled Disables the onboard floppy disk controller. It will then recreate a new set of configuration data.

System The system will not boot and access to Setup will be denied unless the correct password is entered at the prompt. When this option is disabled and the system is booting from the floppy drive, the system will boot from drive A. Normal default 1 2 3 On: The colored edge of the ribbon should be aligned with pin 1 of J Make sure the keyboard is attached correctly and no keys are being pressed during the boot. The utility can also be configured so that a beeping alarm will sound whenever an error occurs.