There is also a download area with some documentation there. But the accuracy of a german mount equipped with classic gear wheels and a Periodic Error Correction system PEC is about 1″ while a Direct drive mount see this French page driven by an electromagnetic field goes below the diffraction limit, reason for which many amateurs have adopted this kind of mount. Whenever you start Acquiring PE data PEMPro automatically re-synchronizes to the mount so this allows you the freedom to move the mount around without needing to re-synchronize. Or if you do, quit both programs, and restart. Note that the install is a day free fully functional trial. When the mount wizard dialog opens you can enter any name you want for the telescope: Too much backlash could result in poor auto-guider performance.

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In an ideal CCD camera, each pixel would give a brightness level of 0 when there is no light, and a value increasing perfectly linearly with increasing light until it became saturated.

In one generation, technology available to talented amateurs has done a giant leap! PEMPro will automatically find the brightest star. Click Connect Camera to connect.

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Note that although 0 declination is the best to dsj, you can use any declination up to 75 degrees North or South.

So prior taking your first CCD pictures of celestial bodies, a short calculation will be useful to check the accuracy of your CCD camera in combination with your optical system.


Sidereal rate is approximately microsteps per second. A mirror shift of only 0.

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The modifications include, among other things: Both of these require a username and password to log in. Click Create Refinement Curve.

Polar Alignment Wizard Quickly, accurately, and easily helps you dial in polar alignment. Then you must take at least 3 exposures, in red, green and blue channels some add a fourth channel, the luminance with is a grayscale image. In the worst cases, the integration can last 30 minutes on prime focus of mm scopes to record faintest galaxies or faint spectra and 18 times more if you want to produce tricolor composites! EXE, over the original file with the same name in c: No extra software is required.

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If you ever see the dialog on the right pop up when you start the video application then go into the menu setup and Click on Bad Pixel Remover Gear attached to the stepper shaft, drives the transfer gear. It allows you to assess the state of backlash of your mount. This relative sampling error decreases inversely with the square root of a pixel cvdsoft level DN factor. Download your free trial today!

As in the time of argentic photography, near the focal plane some optical trains can be quite long and heavy up to create a problem of backfocus or to put the stability of small installations at risk. Lastly, most webcams have very small CCDs. Create a PEC curve and upload it to the mount.


From a pure photographical aspect, an Alt-Az mounting will display the problem of field rotation while you will track an object across the sky. More details to be filled in later. This is an extremely useful moidification to make when you find that a PEC curve adds to the dsj error measures greater afterwards rather then reduces the periodic error.

Clear – Clears the entire active curve.

This allows you to see the raw data and motor indices in the curve. Here is a partial list of supported mounts:. Turn Ccdsotf on and acquire more data. See Eric for the password if you don’t have it though it should be saved to log in automatically on the telescope control computers. All dots are in fact parasits created by the electronic device! Frequency Spectrum – Allows you to analyze what fundamental frequencies are present in your mount.

Focusing problems and fine focus adjustments are emphasized using electronic camera with a telescope.