The lens of this recording device comes with a built-in. Turn it on again and reload the cassette. When you choose any one of several apertures, the ZR45MC will automatically select the shutter speed to match the chosen aperture, giving you the proper exposure. On top of that, because the MiniDV format records both video and audio as digital data, this information can be transferred — without any loss of picture or audio quality — to a computer for editing, then transferred back to DV tape, without a reduction in either picture or audio quality. Protect your camcorder with the professional-quality SC Soft Carrying Case, featuring secure compartments for filters and extra battery packs. Sample Images Store and carry memory cards in their case to protect the terminal area.

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White balance is Indoor Outdoor U The The sole warranty with respect to such non-Canon brand items is given by the manufacturer or producer thereof. Page 91 Page 92 – Digitally outputting analog video and au The zoom technology found in the lens of a ZR45MC camcorder is the same as Canon uses in its broadcast TV lenses, found in the majority of broadcast cameras. Changing the recording mode Choose from 4 recording modes: Consult your dealer or service outlet if problems persist.

Also refer to the VL-3 Video Light instructions.

Card luminance key The currently recording image appears in place of the light m of a still picture such as a handwritten illustration or title.


Digital Effects, Faders and Special Effects. Instead, the data remains hidden until you select it for display during playback or editing.

Page To erase all images on the memory card at once 1.

Canon ZR45MC – camcorder – Mini DV

If you approve, repairs will be made and the Equipment will be return-shipped to you. Full-size performance in a tiny body Full-size performance zf45 a tiny body by Joshua Goldman. You also can transfer the video onto your computer to view, edit, post on the Internet, or send to friends. The currently copying image appears in the display. File numbers The images you take are automatically assigned file numbers from and stored in folders of images each.

Canon ZR45MC – camcorder – Mini DV Overview – CNET

Canon is known world-wide for its lenses. For instructions on how to hook the camcorder up to your TV, see p. The ZRMC selects a very slow shutter speed to deliver adequate exposure.

Fast forward playback To play back the recording at about 9. This ismy first time to edit or copy a video from a camcorder. This will adjust the exposure so the subject will not appear underexposed dark against the bright background. The safety mechanism is activated. The remote can start and stop recordings, zoom the lens, handle all playback VCR functions, handle audio and video dubbing functions, and more.

You may notice some shudder when recording moving subjects. Sample Images Store and carry memory cards in their case to protect the terminal area.


Its advanced technology makes it very easy to use — you will soon be making high-quality videos which will give you pleasure for years to come. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you ZR45MC that you can purchase direct. Make your own by drawing or writing on a white piece of paper. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout.

Shutter Max Shutter Speed. Low Light This program allows you to record in dimly lit places. Allowing the subject to monitor zg45 When you turn the LCD panel so that it faces the same direction as the lens, you can watch yourself during recording or let your subject monitor recording. Facebook’s follow-up to Portal will sit on your TV, says report It’s reportedly another project coming out of Facebook’s futuristic Building 8 lab. Other playback modes Playback pause Press the a pause button.

Click sr45 the title for more information. Just press the photo button to capture more than 1, still pictures, each with 6 seconds of sound, on a single 80 minute videocassette.