This is caused by triggers; replication is also implemented through triggers, so you will encounter this issue on replicated databases too. This is what happens with SQL Server-returned errors and warnings and is consistent with how other drivers handle exceptions. In our oppinion this is better than having a benchmark of our own, which could be designed in such a way as to give jTDS the edge. You are very probably using TDS 4. Why do column names more than 30 characters long, get chopped off at 30 characters? Correct Answers – 4 points.

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Thank you, I downloaded the. However, you can run any of the benchmarks yourself, the effort is minimal. While doing this it times out, throwing the exception you see which means that jTDS was not able to get information about the running instances.

In case you are wondering if this is right, this is a quote from the CallableStatement API documentation: This is what happens with SQL Server-returned errors and warnings and is consistent with how other drivers handle exceptions.

Why do Net.sokrceforge.jtds.jdbc.driver get java. In this case the driver will be able to use an RPC succesfully as all the parameters are represented by parameter markers? Incorrect Behavior CallableStatement output parameter getter throws java.


Eclipse cannot load JDBC Driver class: ? – Stack Overflow

Batch processing using executeBatch hangs or is unreliable on Sybase. Could not get Connection for extracting meta data; nested exception is org. The number of statements that are kept open simultaneously can be controlled with the maxStatements parameter; net.sourceforge.jhds.jdbc.driver the jTDS URL format for more information.

Stored procedures should be invoked using the special JDBC call escape syntax. The root cause is that triggers also return update counts and jTDS can’t make the difference between these update counts and the “real” one neither could net.sourceforge.jtds.mdbc.driver other SQL Server client.

No suitable driver found for jdbc: Net.sourceforge.jtfs.jdbc.driver, MyEclipes Tomcat is not seeing the. Other I didn’t find the answer to my problem in this FAQ. Red Hat Developers Product Discussions are read only now.

As a conclusion, when executing stored procedures that only return update counts output parameters will be available immediately, as jTDS will process and cache the whole response. Notify me of follow-up replies via email. In these circumstances the driver raises an exception and execution fails.

Or even better, a benchmark I can run myself? The problem occurs whenever I try to access Data Sets to write my query that will specify the data that I want to pull in.


Even after configuring a 1. I get this error: Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. Use Smart Deployment, all check boxes are checked. Let us know how it works for you. I am fairly new to BIRT so please bare with me. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. As a general principle we try and keep synchronization to a minimum both for performance and deadlock reasons.

The exception is thrown because it’s better to warn the user that the output parameters are not yet set instead of leaving the impression that all is ok and cause other, harder to detect problems.

Cannot load JDBC driver class

MotoDave 4 For the moment you can get technical support from individual developers of jTDS. Is there any commercial technical support available for jTDS? Clase that’s the case, replace jtds.