There is a bit of a difference in these clubs so it may take a little more time to get used to it. Thanks for the info. I’d stock up on something like that for cheap. I “sourced” a Machspeed Black Round for an outstanding price given it’s condition seemingly hit about a dozen times. We realize that mistakes do occur. I live in a large urban area where people make fairly good salaries but are highly transient and often leave to move overseas. I like shorter shafts, so I am definitely more confident with it, though I’m probably losing a little bit of that added distance.

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PING G15 Driver Review

I was totally psyched out by a woman hitting next to me. First ball felt like I hit it ok with pinv bit lower than normal ball flight. My swing always reflected that — with a long, smooth gs that really felt fluid when paired with the shaft.

Cally has decided that you can just change the color of plastic inserts, add a new name, and it will sell. I tried this out because I’d had really good luck with a Nike EUC driver, hit very little and head is like new condition.

I went to the range tonight to try out the K I want to say but the low spin ehh i dont think so hmmm. Callaway Diablo Edge Tour Driver 9. I got out onto some empty holes on my home course last night after hitting balls on the range.


Thanks for the review T. callawsy

Want to guess my new to me driver? With the Serrsano shaft the kick point is unreal for me.

Want to guess my new (to me) driver? Could be fun

By the end of the round I started to relax and that made me hit it even better. I will say this, Callaway’s forgings as a whole is very underrated, the Proto and the X were some of the softest feeling irons I’ve hit. Personally, I find this to be a dramatic improvement.

Its Polar Weighting system uses a heavy face and an in-line pow I piny hit a consistent However, if you square the face piny release it produces a gentle draw with lots of roll. Even my pro, who while he is a scratch, is not the longest hitter, got a set of these because he says he needs to hit his irons longer. The monitor showed it only producing about five extra yards, but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

Can any of you who have tried both provide any insight as to which you like better and why? I was also too mechanical and thought too much about swing elements.

If it were just more forgiving on off center hits, I’d have searched for a 10 degree head and tried to get fitted for a shaft. At mph, I want my launch angle to be between 15 and 16 degrees and my spin rate to be between and RPMs. It benefits those who hit the ball high and those who struggle with distance.


Buy Driver Graphite Tour Stiff Flex Golf Clubs | eBay

I used it on holes where I would normally take my 4 wood for accuracy and I was even straighter. Just interested how the Serrano Reg vs Stiff would compare. Have not taken one to the range to try out just yet. The K15 is more accurate for me though and definitely punishes me less on mishits.

The Ping was fantastic and if someone wanted to hand me one I would play with it happily for the next year, but for my money I might have to get a slightly used Ft-iZ. While the K15 is certainly a nice club, I found the neutral vss G15 much more to my liking and the perfect blend of forgiveness and workability. I’m working at Dick’s Sporting Goods for the moment, and I’ve hit the R, it’s nice, but the adjustable sole plates are falling off some of the ones we’ve sold.

This thing is a beast. I hear the stock TFC is an amazing shaft with the g head. Hope to see you on the forums soon! The FT-iz is 45″ long with a D