Enter your email address to receive updates: Veronica February 8, at Be sure to name your ereader model and manufacturer, so I can help troubleshoot. Better than Kobo actually, since Kobo has recently been modifying new books to replace the publisher css with a crippled versions designed to work well with Kobo reader devices customization to margin, line height, etc. My way of getting rid of the reflections on he frame is a small piece of grit sand or emery paper. I have been thinking about doing a hard reset, however apparently once reset you need to authorise the ebook again.

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How do I get it back?

Sony Reader PRS-T1 and Calibre

He’s here to chew bubble gum and fix broken websites, and he is all out of bubble gum. It covers the basics for those just getting started as well as more complex details for advanced users, spny includes a list of places to get free ebooks and where to buy ebooks compatible with Sony Readers. Lyndon White 1 Before we start looking for a source of ebooks, make sure that you check to see if that old ereader still works.

Nice, but is there any way to get all of a note or prs-1

If you have one of those older models, or if you have another old ereader, then you have the choice of either buying DRM-free ebooks or checking to see if your device supports DRM.


Nathan May 16, at 5: The Sony Reader was a line of e-book readers manufactured by Sonywho produced the first commercial E Ink e-reader with the Pds-t1 Librie in It’s getting a little old, but its not too ancient. I am running a fully updated version of Windows 7, and I have the latest version of Calibre The matte black skin from DecalGirl is a popular choice. Stella 16 September, Margaret November 9, at 2: Ebooks Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

Don Fielding February 16, at 4: Views Read Edit View history. If the ereader is still dead, then it’s dead. Alice January 5, at 2: I have seen comments elsewhere that a recent firmware update has disallowed rooting this device. Can anyone help me with this?

Although the owner could not share purchased eBooks on others’ devices and accounts, the ability to register five Readers to a single account and share books accordingly was a possible workaround. Does anyone know of a way to alter the claibre of the book name once it has been downloaded to the ereader? I slny my PRS-T1 and the screen cracked one-third of the screen diagonally still worksso the electronics is still functioning.

Anyone had any luck finding a replacement battery for Sony PRS 1T — mine is starting to loose power — I am quite capable of replacing it if I can find one — — thanks.


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I was tearing me hair out trying to get it to work.

Q & A: Reviving/Recycling Old Sony Readers (and Other eBook Readers) | The Digital Reader

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Owners must send the ereader in to the Sony Service Centers for the updated firmware. According to Sony’s website, this item is no longer available for purchase.

I really appreciate your great efforts keeping us updated.

Don Fielding August 3, at 6: Most titles transferred, however some were not able to be transferred even though the titles were sold on Kobo; the transfer period ended in May. On a different note can be expected to be the year of ps-t1 readers it appears.

Aside from the Kindle and a few really obscure ebook readers, most ebook readers use one type of DRM from Adobe.

If the glossy frame of the PRS-T1 is bothersome, you can always install a skin to cover the glossiness. My way of getting rid of the reflections on he frame is a small piece of grit sand or emery paper.