Eject the drive from desktop. Results will vary on different machines, however we guarantee up to 10 bit uncompressed HD 4: Download Ethernet Drivers Linux Driver: Video Atlanta Tool Kits: To reset the PRAM, press and hold down the following keys: For this reason, it’s vital that you identify your model, its current Firmware and new firmware file before you proceed. Even thought the band width of SATA 3.

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Normally, if there is no hardware failure, this is related to connection problem.

Download and install the latest S2VR Manager. This is to make sure you have identical drives and contents before switching to RAID1.

Because of this scheme, RAID 5 has n-1 drives storage capacity, you use one drive capacity to save the parity information. Drivers for Windows FAQ: Wait for few seconds until S2VR Manager shows that all drives “unplugged. After that, please turn ON the Thunderbot device if there is a power switch on it.

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I would like to use the S2VR? Select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”. For example, RAID 5 essentially spreads the data across all drives using parity so that if any single drive fails you won’t lose any data.


For general troubleshooting information, please visit our Knowledge Base. These products have exhausted their lifespan, in fact, some of them are from andand—despite our best efforts—they cannot be sustained in the current technological landscape. The typical max length is 2 meters. Helping you better cadligit the cabling behind S2VR. It also supports Apple Keyboard and SuperDrive.

Tuff Quick Start Guide: Make sure the screw is tightened and locked securely. The default dip swtich setting is: Check and make sure the host card is plugged in firmly. The parity information for any given block of data is placed on TWO drives seperate from those used to store the data itself. The S2VR monitors system status with E-mail notification of fan failure, drive failure or if the temperature exceeds normal limits.

This revolutionary process saves you valuable time in the long run by just rebuilding what is bad, rather than rebuilding your entire RAID.

I am encountering gray screen while booting up the OS from the RAID card?

Technical support for these products can be done with a single caldifit. For more information about how to install S2VR, please visit our demo page: My S2VR does not appear on my desktop? It is with great regret that we inform you that we will no longer be supporting these devices as of Aug 1, The connecting window will close as soon as the new Firmware has been downloaded to S2VR device.


We encourage Mountain Lion Sequence Settings Close any calfigit that are not being used.

The following steps are to disable digital signature enforcement temporarily so that Windows Vista bit will load an unsigned driver properly. On step 4 – “Select Destination”, please use default folder – “tmp”. How to update S2VR Firmware?

If a drive fails how quickly can the drive re-build itself? After “change project”, DO NOT format or partition this drive unless you want to delete all the data. For example, if you are in Performance mode and you intend to switch to Protected mode, you need to do the following: